Welcome to Devtalk!

Welcome to Devtalk - the brand new discussion and content discovery platform for developers!

If you’ve been searching for an exciting new community to be a part of then you may have found the perfect one! With a focus on progress and empowerment, we’re aiming to be more than just a platform - we want to help you be the best you can be - and we’d love for you to help us be the same :orange_heart:

Devtalk is hoping to become the de facto place where developers can:

  • Post links to news, blog posts, articles, libraries and projects
  • Start discussions and ask questions
  • Make friends and build teams
  • Quickly and easily see what’s been happening in the dev world

In short you can start the conversation, join it, or if you’re too busy to be active daily, simply catch up and follow things as and when you get time; our trending lists should help you see what’s been happening in tech and what might be worth checking out!

Members of the Month

Platforms like this would be nothing without helpful members like you. Whether that’s through keeping members updated by regularly posting news or other interesting threads, or helping them the good old fashioned way by answering questions. If you consistently add value to the community we are likely to notice - and we aim to recognise and reward 50 of you per year with an eBook of your choice from PragProg or Manning!

Check out our Members of the Month scheme thread for more details!

Monthly Giveaways!

We’ve also organised some fantastic giveaways for you - where every month you’ll get the chance to win one of SIX prizes!!

Want one of the above but can’t wait? No problem, we’ve got you covered there too…


Simply use coupon code “devtalk.com” at checkout (or just ‘devtalk’ for AppSignal). Where applicable, this coupon can be used for as many items and as many times as you like!

Please note that the The Pragmatic Bookshelf or Manning Publications coupons can only be used for items published by them (so cannot be used for items that they merely distribute). These coupons can also only be used for regular priced items (so not in conjunction with any other offers or sales).

Our Launch Partners

None of the above would be possible without our sponsors. In our first year our partners are helping us give away over $10,000 worth of prizes - we simply couldn’t do it without them. Please show your support by visiting them:










If you’d like to join this esteemed list, please email sponsorships[a][t]devtalk[d][o][t]com.

In The Spotlight!

Proudly in association with our friends at The Pragmatic Bookshelf, every month we will host a number of Spotlights in our Spotlight section. These will consist of an interview followed by the thread being opened up to questions from you, the Devtalk community.

But there’s more!

Every month The Pragmatic Bookshelf will run a Spotlight on one of their authors, and, after user questions have run their course, one participant from the thread will be randomly selected to win one of that author’s books!

That’s not all - we will also run a number of Spotlights throughout the year ourselves. These spotlights will be on Devtalk members or other interesting people in the industry. In these, the person being interviewed will receive an eBook from PragProg :smiley:

As a highly community-orientated platform we love things like this! Thank you PragProg for helping make it happen!

Budding author?

While speaking of PragProg, they’ve told us they’re intending on Devtalk becoming one of their primary community channels - in fact we’ll be hosting errata for them! They are also keen to use the platform to discuss ideas about future books, get feedback on existing ones… and even find prospective authors! We’re really excited about this and can’t wait to see whether we’ll be reading books from members of Devtalk one day!

Industry Panel

From the very beginning we’ve been planning Devtalk to be a fair and useful platform for the entire industry. To help us achieve this we have enlisted the help of respected friends of Devtalk from various corners of the industry - many have made their mark and helped shape the industry into what it is today …and we hope they will help us achieve our aims as well as continue to help shape it into what it might become tomorrow :orange_heart:

You can read more about our panel on our About page.

The future

This is just the beginning. Where we go from here depends on you :nerd_face:

We hope you’ll share our vision and help usher progress. We hope you’ll help others by talking about cool tech you’ve discovered and are excited about, or about tech you’ve found has helped you and could potentially help others. We hope you’ll support each other by answering each other’s questions and by the sharing of knowledge and ideas. We hope you’ll network and partner on cool projects, whether open source or otherwise. Above all, we hope you’ll enjoy your time here and leave a better and better connected developer than when you arrived.

Looking ahead, we’ve already discussed a number of possible related projects, which, we hope, will be just as fun and useful as Devtalk itself. Needless to say we’re very excited about what the future might hold!

We hope you are too, and if any of what we’ve said resonates with you enough to sign up - welcome to the community - we can’t wait to talk! :speech_balloon:



We are very much in beta! Where we go from here depends on you, however here’s our more immediate to-do list:

  • Add GitHub info block for languages and frameworks
  • Add filters on the homepage to also show trending by thread type (so by all News, Discussions, Questions, Blog posts, etc)
  • Add more portals. We’re currently setting these up depending on number of threads tagged about that topic on the forum (so if you want to see a portal for your favourite language or framework - post threads about them! Alternatively, you can expedite creation of a portal by providing us with the info we need.)
  • Add more portal types. We’re starting off with languages and frameworks, but want to expand these to other tools and tech too. Again we’ll go by what you discuss and post about on the forum.
  • Plus lots more!

Some FAQ’s and further reading

Can I post links to my blog posts or a library I’ve created here?

Should they all be posted in one thread, or a separate thread for each item?
We recommend separate threads for all new blog posts or major news items - if you think the item may be of interest to others independently of what may already have been posted, then it may be a good candidate for dedicated thread.

Can I post the same item in several threads?
No… that’s spam :upside_down_face: Please choose one section to post your thread and tag it only with tags that are directly related to the thread.

Can you follow or mute categories?
You can indeed! Simply go to a section you’d like to follow or mute, then click on the bell icon towards the top right of the page. Alternatively you can mass add/remove sections via your user preferences.

How do you format posts here?
You can use Markdown to format your posts. See the official guide here and we also have some additional formatting tips here.

Do you have a dark mode?
For the forum - yes! We even have an OLED Black mode! Check out this thread for details.

How do I contact a Moderator?
Please use the ‘flag’ button that is shown with every post if the matter is related to a post. Alternatively, you can see our moderator team on our About page and may message them directly from there. (If you need to contact an administrator, please use the email shown at the bottom of this page.)

What’ the best way to refer to Devtalk?
It’s totally up to you - Devtalk; devtalk; DevTalk; DT; dt - are all fine :smiley:

What’s your Twitter handle?
We’re glad you asked! It’s @dev_talk - we’ll be posting all publicly viewable threads there too so please follow us :blush:

Where next?


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DevTalk looks like its going to be really useful for selfhosting bloggers and content creators ! Bout time we had something like this! :man_dancing:


I saw your site on meta.discourse.org
Just here to say hi from thepavilion.io . We’re developers who build themes/plugins for discourse and we love the way this site is built.



Hello everyone, just a very quick update to say we’ve been live a full month (30 days) now, and the stats are in… we’ve served over 300,000 pages! :nerd_face:

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come! Thank you all for helping get us off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what the future holds :blue_heart: