User Titles Info

Ever been deep in conversation about a topic and have been completely oblivious to the fact that the person you were speaking to might be an authority on the topic or created the language or tool you were talking about? We have! Our user titles to the rescue!

We aim to make use of these titles when it might be beneficial for others to know that person’s background.

So we usually reserve these for:

  • Creators or core team members of reasonably popular/known programming languages
  • Creators or core team members of important/popular frameworks or tools
  • Authors of professionally edited/published books
  • Others where it might seem beneficial to do so

If you fall into any of the above please add the details to your profile in the Core team member, Language creator , Creator of popular framework or tool or Book Author fields - and then join one of these groups:

We are continually reviewing the criteria (by asking ourselves questions such as what qualifies as a popular framework?) and will also be experimenting with the format. It’s possible for instance that we may move to icons that represent each type instead of text - so a book icon would signify an author, a cog for language/tool creators, etc. Our goal is for them to ultimately be useful, so please bear with us while we work out the details :nerd_face: