Our Mission Statement

A project’s mission statement needs to outline its aims and values in a concise way. We can do that with a single word: progress.

Progress sits at the core of everything we want to achieve and it all starts with you. We want to support your progress through self-improvement, civil discourse, the sharing of knowledge and ideas as well as by helping facilitate community and partnership building.


Well rounded and better connected developers, in turn, help with:

  • The evolution and progress of methodologies, languages, frameworks and other important tools and technologies.
  • Better educational material and the ability to mentor and help others.
  • Contributing towards progress in the industry as a whole - leading to higher standards, better services and unique or forward thinking businesses and startups.

These are things we all benefit from :slight_smile:

So Devtalk aims to be a progressive force in the industry. And since, no doubt, we all believe in the power of technology, then ultimately we may be furthering another type of progress - that of humankind <3

We’re determined to do all of this by providing you with an enjoyable and useful platform, one that is built on respect and equality. If you like the sound of that, or if any of our goals resonate with you, sign up! You’ll be in great company …and part of what might become one of the most exciting developer communities around!

Please don’t forget to review our community guidelines, but in short, all contributions should be respectful and add something of value to the forum, ultimately, with the aim of moving the discussion forward.