HELLO WORLD (Introductions thread!)

Hello Devtalk World!

Please let us know a little about who you are and where you’re from :nerd_face:



Second generation programmer, been programming something in some way since I could hold my head up way back on the black and green screen IBM Desktops and server terminals. ^.^

I love language design and learning how languages approach problems. I truly believe that the more languages one knows then the better programmer they are as they learn more methods of approaching problems efficiently, quickly, and maintainably. I make it a goal to learn at least 2 languages per year very well and have held that belief for most of my life and I can definitely say that knowledge serves me well when working in any given language.

I’m native to the USA, though barely been out of the local area that I live, however my life has been spent on the Internet and BBS’s before that. ^.^;


Hi everyone!

I’ve been programming for more than half of my life, in a large number of programming languages through the ages. I love the versatility of knowing many different ways of approaching a problem and using ‘the right tool for the right job’, although game jams, code golf and other crazy activities like bytebeat belong to my hobbies as well :sweat_smile:.

Besides this, I love running, hammocking, reading, 3Dprinting and any way of interacting with enthusiastic people. :smiley:


Hello World! :wave:

My name is Justin Juno. I’m an infinitely curious software developer from East Texas. I’m currently learning Elixir + Phoenix, but work professionally as a JavaScript developer. I’m happily married and am a proud father of twins. :baby::baby:


I am Dimitar Panayotov – Dimi.

I am 40 years old, been tinkering with computers ever since 12 and loved it ever since. Started working professionally at 21 y/o and moved through Assembly, C, C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Golang, and for ~3.5 years now – Elixir. Also dabbling in Rust and mostly liking it.

Always had an interest in server and network administration, and actually building PCs and servers but sadly never took the time to try my hand harder at these other hobbies. I am beginning to suspect that one day I’ll be the best in these but I’ll be retired and nobody will ever know. :smile:

I am usually not deep into compilers or language design. I want computers to be genuinely useful to everyone and I’ve automated menial tasks for friends and family many times. Automation and integration and making stuff work together is what brought me to computers and is still keeping me there.

Living in my motherland Bulgaria my entire life but looking to change that in the next years – I want a beach house with 2x independent 10 Gigabit network links! :slight_smile:


Hello I am Christel from Benin (West Africa).

I am not really a seasoned developer though I am no longer in my early days.
I started maybe 14 years ago with PHP/Zend Framework, then switched to Python/Django. But It’s in PHP I have more worked. I didn’t really choose either of these two languages. This was imposed to me at the time for professional reasons. Now I’m playing with Elixir/Phoenix and really love it.

One of my bad habit is that I only like to develop while it’s fun, and that plays quite negatively on my learning curve.

Besides that I like reading fantasy and sci-fi novels. I also write some poems and I’m working on building for years now, my own fantasy world. I hope I will finish it soon… someday! :sweat_smile:


Hello everyone. You might have guessed my name :smile:

I don’t do much developing anymore as I I don’t really have the time but happy to hang out on this community and perhaps get me back into it slowly.

I just tend to stop once it gets a bit boring. Obviously not a great way to motivate myself.


My name is Tom. I am a senior Elixir developer working remotely from Poland.

I’m mostly known on elixirforum.com under same nick.


Hello everybody,
Coming from elixirforum.com, I’m a former embedded C developer (then rubyist) who’s loving Elixir/Erlang/OTP and programing in general!


Hi i’m William aka Maartz from France.
I was a pastry confectionner. I always loved computer science so I’ve decided to change my career path.
I’ve passed a bachelor in CS, but today I’m still struggling with some impostor syndrom.
Well, glad to find this community through Elixir Forum.


Hello and welcome @Maartz!


Good morning from Switzerland :slight_smile:

I’m a developer with a passion for Elixir, but currently working in a C# Job, as I’m most experienced there.
Also coming from the elixirforum, I was waiting for devtalk to open already quite a while :smiley:


Hello to everybody from Germany!

I’ve been a developer for nearly my decade now and dabbled with a lot of things:

  • wrote my bachelor’s thesis on Node.js and websockets (back when it was new and cool)
  • did “classic” Java Enterprise development
  • built iOS apps for a small company
  • created web apps using JS
  • banged my head against the desk battling PHP
  • and finally arrived at Elixir and Phoenix

The last 3 years I had the pleasure to work full-time as an Elixir dev with the occasional JS dabbling for front-end matters.

Interest wise I hope to get my feet wet with Rust, especially for serverless and game dev. I also want to learn to setup and maintain my own home lab from scratch, to get a better appreciation of technologies like Kubernetes.

I’m looking forward to getting to know this community!


Hello Devtalk, hello @AstonJ :smiley:

I helped Aston manage metaruby.com in what seems likes decades ago.

Short intro:

  • I have a PhD in Computer Science, specialized in high-performance computing
    • For this I created a Ruby implementation of CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) called Emit.
    • I also helped shape the work of Bohrium, a virtual machine for automatic parallelization of NumPy code, as well as created a Ruby front-end for it, which beats the STL by orders of magnitude.
  • I am currently a senior software engineer at Elastic.co, where I create connectors for our newly released Workplace Search, written in Ruby.

I want to be more engaged in open source and the open source community, maybe dabble in various low-level languages, such as Rust.

Somehow I need to find out how to get more hours out of the day. I’ve heard good things about bullet journaling, maybe somebody has advice on how to start here?



I’m Steve. I’m from Utah, USA. I work as a Software Engineer developing control systems for the Oil/Gas industry. I spend most of my free time with my wife and two children, who are the light of my life.

I’ve been consistently learning Elixir/Phoenix for 3 or so years as I’ve developed Pigeon SMS. Came here from elixirforum, which has been my favorite online programming community. Hoping to get the same support in other languages here.

Looking forward to engaging with you all!


Hello everyone - it’s great to see so many of you here :nerd_face:

I can’t wait to learn more about and from you! I see Devtalk as a real starting point for so many cool projects, in fact I would love to build a team for the social network I want to start from this platform! Watch this space!! :upside_down_face:



I’m Koko, from switzerland, and from elixirforum too :slight_smile:

I received a ti994a in my youth, since then I could not stop being amazed by computers.


I’m a long-haired metalhead from New York who didn’t get his own computer until he was 18 and got into coding by writing batch files with a third-hand copy of DOS for Dummies as a guide.

I got into tech because it paid better than cleaning toilets at a supermarket. When I got exposed to Unix in college, it was almost a religious experience, and I’ve been running Unix-like operating systems on personal equipment ever since, but I’m a Windows developer for my sins.

As a developer I’m a bit like Gregory House, but without the drug habit, racism, and misogyny. My strengths lie in implementation, debugging, and bombarding business analysts and sometimes clients with questions until they finally reveal their true requirements.

After all, everybody lies. :grin:


Hey Devtalk,

Stoked to find a new platform in the dev space. Hoping to be active here from now on. Congratulations on the new platform. I’m just finding my way about and loving it at the moment.keep up the great work


Hello I’m Patrick from Italy. 52 y.o. (tomorrow!). Former molecular biologist, with the passion for programming since my beloved ZX81 1k :heart_eyes:. In the last 10 years I’ve been a freelance backend and mobile developer (often full stack in this context), mostly with Rails (and that little gem of Sinatra) and Titanium (js cross-platform framework), and the last three years I moved to Elixir/Phoenix with renewed gratifications. Lately I’ve been playing around with Dart/Flutter quite enjoying the experience.
In the past I’ve developed intranet and web applications in ASP (hey, it was 20 y. ago) and PHP. Used Perl, R and Ruby for biodata analysis and glue-scripting. From time to time I enjoy hacking with Supercollider, lot of fun and weird noises (apart once when I coded a quite complex midi sequencer, whose code now look so alien to me). I’m a senior Aikidoka, a beginner piano player, and developed a recent insane passion for table tennis. On top of the stack I’ve started to learn and use Rust to build little bioinformatics CLI programs for a friend’s biotech startup. I arrived here from Elixir forum thanks to the awesome work of Aston and his collaborators!
Glad to see friendly avatars and new ones too.
Greetings from Milano, Italy, to everyone.