Moonlander Keyboard (Mechanical) (Ergonomic) (Split) (Ortholinear)

Oooo I just noticed Aaron Patterson has one! Aaron is one of my programming heroes! When I was new to Ruby he went to a great deal of time and effort to help me with with a nokogiri issue - such a nice guy! :orange_heart:

Glad he’s saying it’s thin - that was one of my concerns about using a mechanical keyboard…

Here’s another vid/review about the Moonlander…

(I also merged the Moonlander Reviews thread into this one as I think it works better as one thread here :D)

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I took you up on this, my typing speed is up to 30 wpm at about 95% accuracy. Still getting the hang of it, and I hope I haven’t totally ruined my ability to type, but the results so far are promising!


That’s not bad - what was your wpm before Brent?

It’s tolerable, however my WPM was closer to 120 before switching. :laughing: Even so, I feel like I can be reasonably productive again after struggling for a couple weeks and making my layout just right for me and how I work. And my accuracy and speed feel like they are improving pretty quickly at this point.


120 WPM!! That’s about twice as fast as me :rofl:

I posted a thread here:

Maybe you can post in there every couple of months to keep track of how you’re progressing :smiley:

I think I should mention that in the speed test thread too - it will be interesting seeing whether the faster types are using custom or other layouts…

Is anyone interested in a brand new White / Kailh Copper? I’m in Los Angeles and can meet up locally or ship at my expense. Mine just arrived today and I already know I’m not going to have time to learn a new layout for a while. I’ll leave this offer up here for a week. Thanks!


You didn’t say how much you want for it @togepi420 :slight_smile:

Oops. $350 shipped

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Just got mine a few days ago. This is my current layout (work in progress).


Nice one @dasdom… you’ll have to post some pics :nerd_face:

I kinda wish I kept my Moonlander order now instead of the Planck, tho tbh, neither are ideal for me. I think the next iteration of the Moonlander might be tho!

I’ll keep the Planck for when office days return. Right now I’m 100% remote. The Moonlander is to big to carry around, I guess.

But even though I still need to get used to the layout, I’m already loving it.


Looks good @dasdom!

I’ll be curious to know how much you all use the wrist rests as it’s the thing that put me off the Moonlander the most…

I use it. But if you don’t like it, you can easily remove it.

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I use it also, and prefer a hard wrist rest personally.

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Thanks both… I guessed they might be getting used.

Are you using the thumb keys much other than maybe the red triangle and the first?

Do you find it is just right as it is or are there any improvements/changes you’d make to it?


| Editor shortcut | ------------------------ | Fullscreen |
| Back | Enter | Macro | -------- | Macro | Escape | Space |

Also the Back (navigation layer) and Space (symbol layer) activate their respective layer when held.

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Thanks Finner (I was wondering whether it might be worth them cutting down on those keys to make the keyboard more streamlined :man_shrugging:)

You could always take them off if yourself if you don’t like them.
From ZSA site:


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My Moonlander is gathering dust on my big desk behind my Mac. Used it 3 times but was too frustrated by the huge productivity hit. :frowning: But I have a lot going on still so it’s definitely not a priority. I’ll periodically be re-plugging it and trying really hard to get used to it. But so far it has been a struggle with the generic buttons. I actually printed out the default layout so I can reach for the keys with less delay.

I am getting there but it’s very far from enjoyable.

Build quality, ability to make it your own ergonomic style, and typing experience are out of this world though. I just wish I was able to get used to it quicker.

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