Moonlander Keyboard (Mechanical) (Ergonomic) (Split) (Ortholinear)

I use it also, and prefer a hard wrist rest personally.


Thanks both… I guessed they might be getting used.

Are you using the thumb keys much other than maybe the red triangle and the first?

Do you find it is just right as it is or are there any improvements/changes you’d make to it?

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| Editor shortcut | ------------------------ | Fullscreen |
| Back | Enter | Macro | -------- | Macro | Escape | Space |

Also the Back (navigation layer) and Space (symbol layer) activate their respective layer when held.


Thanks Finner (I was wondering whether it might be worth them cutting down on those keys to make the keyboard more streamlined :man_shrugging:)

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You could always take them off if yourself if you don’t like them.
From ZSA site:



My Moonlander is gathering dust on my big desk behind my Mac. Used it 3 times but was too frustrated by the huge productivity hit. :frowning: But I have a lot going on still so it’s definitely not a priority. I’ll periodically be re-plugging it and trying really hard to get used to it. But so far it has been a struggle with the generic buttons. I actually printed out the default layout so I can reach for the keys with less delay.

I am getting there but it’s very far from enjoyable.

Build quality, ability to make it your own ergonomic style, and typing experience are out of this world though. I just wish I was able to get used to it quicker.


I’ve had my Moonlander for a few weeks now. Having spent about 12 hours so far just trying to set it up (much less become proficient), I can’t imagine able to use it for actual development. My typing speed isn’t the concern, it simply doesn’t have enough keys. Coding requires the constant use of many symbol, modifier, and navigation keys. You can try and shove these into layers, but then this requires switching back and forth between layers, which is slower and takes up yet more keys for layer switching, and is a huge mental shift to try and relearn.

Maybe I’ll get there, but it’s becoming hard to justify the time sink.

For just typing emails etc. it seems like it’d be nice, and it’s a good build.


I’m surprised at both how quickly I was able to adopt a brand new layout and keyboard setup, and at the same time how hard it is to feel 100% productive with the moonlander. I still rely on my Apple keyboard more than I should when I know I need to just crank something out, so there is definitely work that has to happen to make the moonlander worth it. I’m going to get back into doing the training exercises to try and boost my typing speed on the moonlander up - especially when it comes to symbols. I may yet tweak my layout to better support symbol access, but so far its not been too bad.

I’m confident that the moonlander can become the keyboard I use for work if I’m willing to put in the reps to get there.


Anyone else spot @brentjanderson’s layout featured in the ZSA newsletter :smiley: