How fast do you type? Check your WPM here!

Do the test and post your score :nerd_face:

If possible, please add info such as the keyboard you’re using, the layout (Qwerty/Colemak/etc), and/or anything else that might be of interest/relevance :blush:


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Macbook Pro (16" 2019 Edition) keyboard.


My typing has gone down hill that’s for sure!

Here’s my score from 2017 (Apple Magic Keyboard 1):

Your score: 283 CPM (that is 57 WPM)

And just now (Apple Magic Keyboard 2):

Your score: 259 CPM (that is 52 WPM)

Shouldn’t it be getting faster over time :man_facepalming:

I think it’s this keyboard - it feels a bit cramped. And I think the fastest I’ve ever typed is on my old full size Apple keyboard… so I either need a more spacious keyboard or learn to touch type (hopefully the Planck will force me to!).


On my Vortex Race 3 keyboard.

Just broke out an old Apple keyboard. Haven’t used this for about a year or more. Still pretty decent I reckon.


I’ve changed the link in the first post to MonkeyType as I heard it mentioned a few times - seems much better - even managed a better speed :nerd_face:

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Vortex Race 3

Apple Keyboard


Random words at
(Logitech Keyboard K120, rubber dome).

A meaningful text at with the same keyboard.


Looks like my speed is increasing :rofl:

I wonder if we should make this a daily or weekly thing - maybe it will help improve our speeds :upside_down_face:

I will try that site DG!


Yes, use Typing Club. You’d like it.
I learnt to type with Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor when I was in my first year of university. Recently I discovered Typing Club, I use it now and then, and I love it.


Wow. Almost 100 wpm with 100% accuracy. That’s blazing fast! :fast_forward:


Thank you! :slight_smile:
The secret is to work on accuracy (and rhythm) and the speed will come itself. Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor also had a game for typing in rhythm.
Between accuracy and rhythm, accuracy is more important.

Typing Club is a good alternative to those typing tutor applications/games like Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor.


What Poll: Which keyboard layout do you use? DG?

100wpm at 100% is indeed excellent!

I am going to set myself a goal of 70 to 80 wpm - only thing is going to Ortho and a 40% is going to ensure I won’t be reaching those speeds any time soon :rofl:


I use Qwerty layout. I once thought of learning Dvorak (as my brother uses it and is quiet happy with it), but I was afraid that it will require a lot of work to make Vim work with the new layout especially Vim emulators for Sublime/VSCode.

I think 60 wpm is enough for programming and almost all of the other tasks. While we code or write a post/letter/email, we often have to think about what we’re writing and we tend to type at 40 wpm to 50 wpm or 60 wpm at most.


Yeah I read that Dvorak can be a nuisance for things like copy and paste (why some people prefer Colemak).

I think my typing speeds would actually be pretty good - if I had a decent keyboard where the keys don’t feel so cramped! I think I might experiment with a couple of different keyboards as I do have a feeling a Planck may also feel a bit cramped… but… I have never tried touch typing before so maybe I will feel differently : /

I also think part of the reason I do not touch type on this keyboard is because of accidental presses when ‘resting’. I don’t really want to have to ‘float’ about the keyboard but let me fingers rest on it if possible (maybe I will need to look into switches to will suit me better for this too!)


I think Qwerty is good enough once you practice a bit.

When I was learning to type for the first time, I had a rubber dome keyboard, a Model M keyboard from IBM, and a similar (buckling spring) keyboard from Dell.

I used two of the mechanical keyboards but I didn’t like those two. I gifted one to my brother and another one to a cousin. I use rubber dome keyboards predominantly. Of course rubber dome keyboards need to be replaced sooner than mechanical keyboards.

I also like laptop’s builtin keyboards, like those in HP Pavilions and Macbooks before 2015, but I couldn’t find an external keyboard of a similar quality and feel.

I think a full-size keyboard with a palm rest will work for you.


Completely blown away by the keyboard on the new Macbook Air. After hating the built in keyboard for the past three macs I’ve had this one is really nice. Also tried the Monkeytype on it and compared to my mechanical keyboard, surprisingly was typing at roughly the same speed/accuracy on the both (with the keyboard on my old MBP some 10-15 wpm behind).

Macbook AIr 2020:

Varmilo V69M:

Macbook Pro 2017:


I really like the new Mac laptop keyboards too - I think I would actually be pretty happy with my 16" MBP’s keyboard as a standalone unit, it’s much nicer than this Apple Magic KB 2 (I seem to make less mistakes with it as I think it is very slightly spaced out more and the keypresses are more sensitive and provide better feedback).

111wpm at 99% is excellent - think you’re our current champ :smiley: Do you touch type?

I think that’s what I am going to go for, but it’s just so time consuming trying to find a good mechanical keyboard that isn’t sold out!! Think I might have found one tho… will post if I order it :upside_down_face:

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Yes, touch typing (with QWERTY layout), with mostly correct finger setting, though I very often cheat on P and hit it with my right ring finger instead of the pinky :slight_smile:.


On the new MacBook Pro