BIIP MT3 Extended 2048 Custom Keycap Set (Drop)

This looks like a stunning keycap set :orange_heart:


When you bought an Apple Macintosh computer in the early 1990s, you received the Apple Extended Keyboard II (AEKII) along with it. While it may seem ordinary by modern standards, it was this very keyboard that would become a benchmark for future full-size boards—a legend of its time and still today. For our latest project, we teamed up with designer biip (who you may know from keycap sets like Milkshake, Bento, and Bushido) to create a set inspired by the legendary AEKII. Executed in our exclusive MT3 profile, our Extended 2048 keycap set features a minimal icons-based design with cream-colored alphas, black legends, and bright color accent keys. Made of PBT material with dye-sublimated construction, MT3 Extended 2048 is built strong with legends that won’t fade.

Am I right in thinking that for the Planck we would need the following?

  • Alphas kit ($42)
  • Nomad kit ($35) (Needed for ortholinear/Planck)
  • Accent Nomad kit (ÂŁ25) (for the colour)
  • Optional: Colevrak kit ($35)
  • Optional: ISO UK kit ($10)

Total: $147 :scream: but they are :heart_eyes:

Shame the Media icons are not part of the Icono pack:

(I only want the little Apple faces!)

There’s also an ergo kit for split keyboards as well as a few other options.

I’m extremely tempted. It’s my birthday next month so it could be my birthday treat :laughing:


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I’ve just placed my order :see_no_evil:

I am broke now for the rest of the year :rofl: (tho they do give you some money off for your first order).

I went for the following kits

  • Alphas
  • Nomad
  • Nomad Accent
  • Colevrak

I was going to swap the Alphas and Colevrak kit for the Katakana kit (a bit like what Dusty has done here) but because all the other keys are symbols it wouldn’t look as good as his imo.

Btw @Dusty, I was googling for “Best Planck Keycaps” and your photo/post showed up in Google! Must say it looks stunning - if it was still available I would have copied you! :blush:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that’s a gorgeous set! Must… resist :sob:!

The Colevrak kit probably wouldn’t work for me as I use Colemak mod-DHm. It does look like it would support that configuration.

I may have to break down on this one :sweat_smile:. I have until January 1st to mull it over. Then the price goes up.


Do it Law!! :see_no_evil:

I am only going to use the red escape key from the Nomad Accent kit and the rest will be all one colour. Or I might just use the coloured keys for CMD, Option, Control - not sure yet tbh,

I was intending on using DHm too - so this is no good for that? I didn’t really look closely tbh :thinking:

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Actually, I just looked at it more closely and I think I’m wrong. It may just work!

Since the MT3 profile has a specific sculpt for each row you’ll need to ensure you have the appropriate row variation for whatever layout you’re using. I do believe the Colevrak kit provides this for mod-DHm.

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Phew! You had me worried for a second there :rofl:

I just checked and yes, they are all there…

CM = Colemak DHm row/keys
AL = Alpha kit
CV - Colevrak kit









I ended up cancelling the order for a few reasons:

  1. I am not sure I am going to stick with the Planck.

I know I want a mechanical keyboard but I am not sure yet whether a 40% ortho is going to be my forever driver. After giving it more thought, I think what I might need is a more spacious keyboard as my typing is actually pretty fast and my qwerty muscle memory is pretty good, it’s just the clumsiness of this (Apple) keyboard that I think is letting me down - the keys are awkward which leads to mistakes.

I also think I am going to be more aesthetic and feel led (including wanting a thocky sound)… and I think due to its size, none of the Plancks will be able to deliver here. This is why I am actually thinking about getting Drop’s Planck too (and doing a head to head comparison of them both) - I want to be sure before going for a larger keyboard (I really like some of the 75% keyboards such as the KBD75V2 - some of these modded sound absolutely amazing).

  1. The kits I buy would be too specific and no good if I go for a 75% KB later

Even if I add the additional kits required, I think on a larger keyboard other kits, such as the Serika look much better. Plus…

  1. This keycap set won’t look quite as good on smaller ortho boards

Because the alphas are slanted/italic - I just get the feeling they won’t look as good.

So for all these reasons I have decided to cancel this order and first ascertain which keyboard I actually want to live with before spending so much on keycaps.

If the designer of these keycaps is reading this, the limited scope of each kit/splitting the keys into too many sets unfortunately makes this keycap set more restrictive… or too expensive if you want to keep your options open (like I do) hence being a factor in deciding not to get these (and I think the same might be true for others, esp going by some of the comments I’ve seen on Drop).

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