Seen any cool new keyboards?

Waaaaat. Some crazy loon paid $919 for that bear with $200 on extras

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Even aside from the questionability of spending that much on a keyboard… those IDs seem like they might easily be considered Personally Identifiable Information, which should not be in a publicly shared spreadsheet. Luckily there’s not much else in there that could be considered controversial (except perhaps to ultra keyboard-snobs), but some people might not even want their Geekhack/Discord ID linked to their country of residence.


Awesome keyboards, maybe in the future I will buy something cool more like dygma, I always dream with an ergo keyboard -

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Found what looks like a cheaper version - but it’s sold out! :cry:

I was thinking the same… but that BEAR looks stunning, I really really like it! I think I’m about to get sucked in to the world of mechanical keyboards - someone save me :see_no_evil:

Generally pseudonyms such as chat/forum usernames are not considered personally identifiable (unless they are your full name like yours :laughing:) some forums even have rules against real names being used as usernames for that purpose.

Get a Moondlander like me and @foxtrottwist are getting Herminio :nerd_face: more info in this thread:


I’m right there with you! I have so many keyboard videos being suggested to me right now.


Same :laughing:

What do you think of the BEAR in post 1? It’s like a bigger version of your Atreus, haha!

I think it looks great! Though the outer keys that are on a slightly different angle make me wonder if you would have to move your wrist a lot to reach them :thinking:

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@AstonJ I always dream of this keyboard could be a Moondlander, but for me, it’s impossible yet because 365 dollars it will be around 3.500 reais in my currency, the economy of my country it going worst every day…


Yeah, I think it’s definitely a little more focused on looks :laughing: (but, it does look stunning :blush:)

I used to think the Apple Keyboards were a rip-off at £129 Herminio - they don’t seem so badly priced now I’ve discovered how much some of these keyboards cost :joy:

I agree tho, they are very expensive - and I wonder whether they need to be :man_shrugging:

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I wouldn’t express myself very well.

In my conception, it isn’t a high-cost price for a keyboard, the problem is the currency of my country(Brazil) will very badly, unfortunately…

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Ah yeah sorry, it’s the same here atm - thanks to Brexit!! Value of the pound is rubbish atm. Maybe we need to start manufacturing some ourselves :laughing:

Tbh, keyboard design would be really cool, there are some really nice ones out there and it’s clear there is a market for them. Here’s another one that I thought looked really cool:


Keyboard kits can be much more affordable. Many are supported by QMK. Though, sometimes depending on the components and the time involved they can end up being even more expensive than some of the popular prebuilt keyboards.

That being said I’m eyeing a Dactyl-ManuForm as a project some day.

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That looks pretty cool @foxtrottwist - I would love to build my own one day and I think I might once I become more familiar with them (I really would like to build one like the BEAR - I’m so enamoured by that keyboard!! :heart_eyes:)

Another option I have considered (and one you might be interested in too @herminiotorres) is something like this:

Edit: here’s a purple version - perfect for Elixsters:

Seems a lot more affordable at $119:

I’d like to know whether it is easy to use with a Mac, how many layers it allows and what keycap options they have (i.e for Mac keys).

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cool keyboard for sure @AstonJ, but right now it is not an option for my, maybe in the future, I basically buy new switches the gateron yellow linear for my actual mechanical keyboard, and will give me a better experience typing, and yes I use a redragon

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I think red dragon keyboards are pretty popular Herminio, at least from what I’ve seen on Amazon :smiley:

Found an Alice style keyboard similar to the BEAR… though they don’t have any PCBs in stock:

Think I am going to wait for my Moonlander to arrive and see how it goes before experimenting with others. I do like the Alice and Atreus style of keyboards so might just keep my eye on any group buys surfacing :laughing:

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yes, it’s the problem when the product is very popular they need to put cheap parts of… but I will change the switch first, and maybe in the feature change the keycaps and see how it works…

it’s an amazing keyboard this electrotype.

fun fact the best person around the world to build the best PCB design end design for a keyboard is a Brazillian person and he did for many companies.

and I know someone in Brazil who builds a keyboard from scratch maybe I try to buy one from him…


I am already thinking about my next keyboard after the Planck EZ :rofl:

If I don’t get on with ortholinear I quite like the look of the KBD75V2 - here it is with the Serika keycaps:

  • Fully programmable via QMK software
  • RGB Underglow
  • Compact and efficient 75% layout

It looks amazing :heart_eyes:

If I do like Ortho, then I think I would prefer additional keys for things like media controls (which I sometimes need to get to with one hand - such as when on the phone, although I am also considering a macropod)

The ID75 (14 x 5)

Currently sold out.


  • ID75
  • 75 keys
  • Customizable ortholinear layout
  • Aluminum case
  • Hot-swappable switch inserts
  • Supports 3mm 2-pin LED hot-swappable base
  • Compatible with KLE custom key
  • Supports TKG-TOOLS offline brush machine and TKG online brush machine
  • Standard ICSP interface
  • Underglow RGB PCB (supports LED installation)
  • Type-C USB
  • Compatible with most GH60 shells
  • QMK programming

I’m still on a low profile Havit mechanical keyboard. My wrists don’t seem to agree with normal sized keys. :sweat_smile:


So, talking about keyboard mechanical I just bought my Anne Pro 2 with Chery MX Silver Linear Switches.

and I saw feel people on youtube change the firmware and install the Qmk Firmware and change the battery for the biggest one.


Nice one Herminio! :+1:

Let us know how you get on and post pics when you get it! (Perhaps in the Which keyboard do you have? thread :D)

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