GMK Serika Keycaps - Serika 2 available to order now!

I have seen the keycaps I want - they are due for a group-buy this week but won’t be delivered until October next year!!! :rofl:

The Serika 2:

They also did a MT3 version - which I really like as well:

(Photo source: keebtalk, Manufacturer’s site:


Orders will open on December 3rd, 2020, and will close on January 7th, 2021. Estimated shipping date: Q3 2021 (on or before October 31st, 2021)

Available kits

Hiragana Core - $110 and Latin Core - $110

Basic layout coverage for 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 96-key, 1800, and full-size layouts in both standard and winkeyless variants for both ANSI and ISO layouts, all of that while keeping in mind affordability.

Macro Expansion - $60

The Macro Expansion add-on kit extends the Core’s layout coverage and provides support for 660-like keyboards (2.25U Shift), standalone numpads (double zero and equals key), ergonomic and split keyboards (split space bars and a second B), 88-key tenkeyless boards (F13), 60% keyboards with arrows (2.00U and 1.00U Shift) and extended boards such as the ION Zenith (M1-M10 keys).

Forties - $50

The Forties extension kit adds layout support for small form factor and ortholinear keyboards such as the OLKB Planck, ION × AI03 Equinox, or AE × Percebe.

International - $80

The International extension kit provides layout coverage for Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and UK ISO keyboards.

Geometries - $45

The Geometries accent kit is a small kit with geometric novelties and accent arrow keys.

Space Bars - $30

The Space Bars accent kit includes accent space keys from 1.00C to 7.00C for both standard, split, and 40% keyboards.

RW × Serika Novelty Keycap ($42)

For Serika 2, RAMA Works will be producing a beam finish (polished anodized aluminium) with enamel infill novelty keycap.

Salvun × Serika Novelty Keycaps ($56)

Salvun will be producing two brass novelty keycaps that are cerakoted, then laser etched and finally clear coated. Available in either grey and beige and yellow and black

Pricing and where to buy

:earth_africa: Vendor Hiragana Core Latin Core Macro Expansion Forties International Geometries Space Bars RW × Serika Salvun Grey Salvun Yellow
:australia: Daily Clack AUD $152 AUD $152 AUD $83 AUD $69 AUD $110 AUD $62 AUD $41 AUD $63 AUD $84 AUD $84
:canada: Desk Hero CAD $150 CAD $150 CAD $82 CAD $68 CAD $109 CAD $61 CAD $41 CAD $57 CAD $76 CAD $76
:singapore: ILUMKB SGD $149 SGD $149 SGD $82 SGD $69 SGD $109 SGD $62 SGD $41 SGD $62 SGD $82 SGD $82
:us: Novelkeys_ USD $110 USD $110 USD $60 USD $50 USD $80 USD $45 USD $30 USD $42 USD $56 USD $56
:eu: Oblotzky Ind. €115 €115 €55 €47 €72 €39 €25 €42 €52 €52
:cn: ZFrontier (CN) RMB ¥828 RMB ¥828 RMB ¥395 RMB ¥330 RMB ¥550 RMB ¥300 RMB ¥200 RMB ¥295 RMB ¥395 RMB ¥395
:cn: Zfrontier (Intl.) USD $136* USD $136* USD $65 USD $54 USD $90 USD $49 USD $33 USD $45 USD $60 USD $60
  • Shipping included

If I get a Planck, I would need the core kit, the forties kit, and because the geometries kit is so cool, that one too! :man_facepalming:

If the colours are going to be the same as the Serika one, I think I might have to justify it as a treat for myself for my next birthday!

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Related portal:

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On my travels I came across this:


I think I might order these instead of the MT3 Extended 2048’s or order both then sell the ones I don’t like - I think the only way you’ll really know which profiles you like is after having used them yourself. The good thing is there tends to be a good second hand market for these so you can always sell them if you don’t get on with them…


V.nice but $110 for the core kit and $80 for the international kit with less than half the keys seems excessive (☉_☉)

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I do like the look of these over the Extended 2048. You’re finding all the best looking sets :smiley:. Once you’ve compiled a large enough list sets, I’ll take my pick from there.

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I think that’s how they make their money tbh, via the add-on packs :upside_down_face:

Yeah this one is definitely my favourite, and they also use a 1,1,2,3,4,4 rows - meaning we have more options for our the bottom row. I also quite like the flatter profiles… but I guess it’s one of those things where you’ll only know which one you’ll like after using them.

I am definitely ordering this set… just not sure which packs to get.

Definitely need these:

  • Alpha (Katakana)
  • Forties
  • Geometries

But also wondering whether it would be worth getting:

  • Space bar kit
  • Salvun Novelty keycaps (not sure which colour tbh!)

I did a few quick mock ups:

Which one? :laughing:


Whooo… :thinking: I like 1. or 7.

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7 would cost you the most :rofl: (You’d need the space bar kit as well just for that one key!!)

They don’t seem to have a Colevrak kit tho :thinking: