Artisan Keycaps

Seen any nice artisan keycaps? Got any? Ordered any?

This thread was inspired by the one @foxtrottwist has :nerd_face:

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I’ve just ordered this one… because it’s cute and very close to the Devtalk colour :robot:

Other colours:


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So… I just got this one!

I’m going to place it on the key that switches to my gaming layer.

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Whoo hoo! Awesome :nerd_face:

I can’t wait to see what it looks like on your keyboard! :+1:

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@AstonJ you’re dangerous for my wallet :rofl:

I can’t wait to see how this looks with your set!

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I blame you lot for getting me into mechanical keyboards in the first place :rofl:

I ended up cancelling that set… I wrote why here: BIIP MT3 Extended 2048 Custom Keycap Set (Drop)