Which language or framework do you want to learn next?

Curious to know which languages and frameworks you’re all thinking about learning next :upside_down_face:

Perhaps if there’s enough people wanting to learn a specific language or tech we can create study groups for you in a dedicated section too…

I’m soooooooo dying to do a mobile app! So for me I have whittled my next language down to either Dart/Flutter or Swift.

I am 99.9999999% sure it will be Swift :laughing:

It’s just that tiny bit of doubt of being able to make an Android as well as Swift app with little additional effort that is niggling!

The reason I am drawn to Swift is:

  • It’s from Apple :see_no_evil:
  • It’s fairly new, and IIRC, was influenced a little bit by Ruby (amongst other languages)
  • If you want your app to stand a chance of being featured (who doesn’t?) then I would guess one made in Swift would stand out more to the editors than one made in Flutter or something else (tho I guess whichever app has the potential to make them more money would take precedence even above that)
  • You can use Swift on the backend, and is it only a matter of time before Apple re-enters the server space? With specialised hardware?

If anyone else wants to learn Swift… shall we start a study group? I’m definitely up for it!!!

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Also, you can only use SwiftUI if you’re creating the app using Swift.

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Good point @DevotionGeo!

Wbu? Are you learning Swift or another language?

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Swift is on my list, but I won’t get time for it until next year. Currently, I’m learning Rust and revisiting Erlang, and would like to use Actix and Yaws in some small/toy projects. But I’m not getting enough time even for that.


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I started a course on Swift, but didn’t finish (lack of free time :frowning:)

As @DevotionGeo I could see myself getting (back) into Erlang and Rust as well.

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