Erlang Master Classes - by Joe Armstrong, Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson

@AstonJ You mentioned Kent University’s MOOC. There is another YouTube channel by Kent University and it has three of Erlang’s master classes.

  1. Erlang Master Class 1: Functional Programming by Simon Thompson
  2. Erlang Master Class 2: Concurrent Programming by Joe Armstrong
  3. Erlang Master Class 3: OTP Behaviours and Releases by Francesco Cesarini

Joe Armstrong doesn’t need an introduction. Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson co-authored Erlang Programming in 2009 and Erlang by Example in 2011, and Francesco Cesarini also wrote Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP in 2016.


Ah I forgot about those - I think we need a dedicated thread for them DG! Shall we split into a new thread for the #backend-developer-forum:backend-learning-resources section? :nerd: Prob should add one for the MOOCs as well (I want to go through them after Programming Erlang).


I need to watch these three videos for the Erlang Master Class


@DevotionGeo Do you watch this Erlang master class course on YouTube? What your thoughts about it?


I watched only a few of the videos, and I think it’s the best video training for Erlang. If you want to dive deeper, follow up with books like Programming Erlang, Erlang Programming and Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP.

I am also planning to read these books at O’Reilly, and Erlang in Action from Manning. But recently I’m very busy with other tasks, so I don’t know if I will get time for it or not.

It also depends on the learner. If you like video format of learning material more, then I highly recommend these master classes.