What does your mobile phone home screen look like?

Always interested in seeing what apps people use and how they organise their phones/home screens!

Here’s mine…


Here is mine.


Was curious about the Pomicro app @DevotionGeo!

Pomicro is a minimalist and intuitive ad-free Pomodoro timer for the Pomodoro Technique® developed by Francesco Cirillo.

The concept behind the Pomodoro Technique® is simple yet effective: break down your work into 25 minutes intervals, separated by short breaks. Every 4 pomodoros, reward yourself with a longer break.

Pomicro comes with a beautiful, minimalist interface and just the right amount of customization options, such as break duration and custom notification ringtones, to let you develop your ideal focus environment and maximize productivity.

Sounds interesting! Good to see we have some posts about it already - going to have to look more into it :smiley:


Recently I used a chrome plugin (called BlockSite) on my Linux machine and I loved it. I wrote about it here. It has a built-in pomodoro timer too.
When I get time I’ll try its Android app and see if it’s a better alternative to Pomicro.


Tapping on an icon launches the relevant app, swiping up on it opens a folder:

I’ve went through a phase where I would spend hours on customizing my home screen, scouring icon packs, and automate things (first using Tasker, nowadays Automate).

This particular setup I’ve been running for a few years now and I’m quite happy with it.


Let us know how you get on @DevotionGeo!

My router has a ‘ban-list’ so I could enter sites in there… but I know what I am like, if I want to visit a site I will just log-in to the router and remove it or use my phone’s internet to by-pass it :laughing:

Looks very smart/minimalist @wolf4earth! I have two further screens of apps that I very very rarely use, but it looks like you use even less than me! What are your most used apps?

I often get frustrated when I can customise something a bit too much, as it can take soooooo long tweaking minor adjustments sometimes. I like this about Apple products, that they’re not super customisable and for the most part they seem to be made to near enough what I would have customised them to anyway :smiley:


I have a bunch of other apps. Tapping the “dot” at the bottom opens an app drawer, and I also have Sesame installed and integrated into Nova Launcher, which makes quickly finding an app a breeze.

My top apps (at the moment) are in no particular order:

  • Telegram (my main messenger, I don’t use WhatsApp)
  • Relay Pro (a reddit app)
  • Gmail (I miss Inbox)
  • Pocket
  • Podcast Addict
  • YouTube
  • Notion (see this thread)
  • Twitter
  • ElixirForum & Devtalk (both “installed” through Chrome)

I recently uninstalled Telegram after downloading it again not that long ago. I downloaded it when it first came out and got lots of people on it, but when stories surfaced hinting it was part of Russia’s intelligence or not trustworthy people just seemed to stop using it (goes to show how powerful the media can be).

Funnily enough, I installed it again recently and not long after that I had to reset my Apple ID as apparently Apple noticed ‘suspicious activity’ - no idea if it was related but just struct me as odd, never had any messages like that from Apple before.

Why don’t you use WhatsApp Sascha? Articles like this?

I loved WhatsApp, and have a huge amount of respect for its devs/creators (they use Erlang, yay!) but I avoid it as much as I can after FB bought it.

I try not using my phone for email, unless I am away - so I just have one email account on the phone which gets forwarded various alerts. I deal with my everyday email solely on my Mac.

My phone is almost always on silent too, and I never answer calls from unknown or withheld numbers :joy:


You answered your own question here. I only have a Facebook account for some groups (activism) which organize exclusively over Facebook, and I only use it in incognito mode or with “Tinfoil for Facebook” (android app).

I too have the utmost respect for the folks at WhatsApp, and I know one of them personally, but just because I respect them doesn’t mean I trust their leadership.


I like to keep it simple and clear. ^^
I just use few folders and organize apps between them.

I’m not really a fan of Microsoft but their Android launcher is the one I’m using now. It is not bad at all I think.



That’s even more minimalist than Sascha’s, @Kurisu :joy:

Do you get notifications on the folders like iOS? If not how do you know what might need your attention?


Of course yes. The Microsoft android launcher allows me to even disable notifications badges for apps I don’t want it for. It’s really powerful in customization.


My home-most screen (when I swipe home) is way simple super basic for a main screen, quick access to my common things. I have like 12 pages of screens setup though for other various things like point time graphs of my servers, news, etc etc…

The big red scribble is a work app. ^.^;

And yes, everything is black as much as is reasonable in every app and OS-wide (forced dark theme as well on everything) to maximize battery life, which is really good and lasts a whole day with fairly heavy use, as long as I’m not streaming video from the internet or playing a heavy 3D game or so. ^.^;

I can even watch offline-downloaded youtube videos for like 6 hours though, so I like that. ^.^


That’s pretty common on every android launcher I’ve tried for near a decade yeah. ^.^