How do you keep fit and healthy?

@AstonJ prompted me to open this topic after I mentioned in the lockdown thread how I started to do a lot more for my fitness.

As mentioned there, I now run three times a week while listening to music and the ridiculously motivating Zombies, Run! audio-book/game (I can highly recommend that one).

After a recommendation from a friend, I also started to incorporate a bodyweight fitness routine into my week (also 3 times per week). I follow the “Recommended Routine” from To track my trainings and progress I use Fitloop (which was created by a member of /r/bodyweightfitness).

I try to do running and training on one day and have a rest day in between, e.g.:

  • Monday: Running & BWF
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Running & BWF
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Running
  • Saturday: BWF
  • Sunday: Rest

I’m considering to replace a single BWF session with a dance class I’m planning to take (choreography hip-hop). Maybe somebody else did/does something similar? I would be curious for your perspective!

If not: what do you do to stay fit and healthy?


I really admire people who have good fitness routine, like yourself!

That being said, I think I did something bad to my body with years and years of zero care (medical exams still pending, also I am 40). After two gym visits post-lockdown I almost got bedridden, felt awful and with zero energy – and it took me nearly 3 weeks to recover. Seems that brute force and just pushing yourself harder isn’t the clear-and-cut healthy life truth that many have preached.

Me and my wife started incorporating smoothies in our daily diet, and bought a thingie that makes our water alkaline and adds some minerals to it (even a bit of a silver ions). I have to say I started feeling better lately even if we have the machine for only 10 days now.

Not going to degrade anyone who is in good enough health condition and can afford to just increase their gym intensity with time, of course. I am happy for them! But it has to be said that it’s not a silver bullet and it can even be harmful (a lot of people die from heart attacks in the gym). IMO proper diet and hydration are likely at least 70% of your well-being, with good fitness routines being 20-30%.

That is my experience so far at least and I am very curious to watch this thread for any dietary advice and general health improvement recommendations. :+1:t2:


There’s definitely some truth to that. I’m in the lucky position that my wife recently finished her education as a nutritionist (and she was very interested in the topic before that too). Personally I never was that interested into nutrition so it’s good that she keeps these things in mind, especially with our kids around. :slightly_smiling_face:

She was also the one to convert me to a plant-based diet 7 years ago which had some immediate effects on my health back then. I’ve used to have problems with impure skin, especially on my back, and that pretty much vanished over night as soon as I cut out milk.

I’m lucky to have her. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great topic!

Pre-lockdown, I was going to the gym (and sauna!) 5 days a week and in the summer I go for long walks up the mountain.

I also experiment with different diets - I love seeing how the various types impact my health and I found that a Palaeolithic-type diet suits me well. Currently I am experimenting with the carnivore diet (again!)

In the gym I do mostly compound exercises and I would agree that body composition is 80% diet - but that 20% exercise is important too. I feel we should always try to mimic what we have evolved to do, so in other words what our ancestors ate/did… even if just as a starting point. This includes lifting heavy things and sprinting and even doing things that scare us a little bit or get our adrenaline pumping!

I also think the microbiome is more important to human health than we currently realise - only 10% of the cells in/on our bodies actually belong to humans, the rest belong to microbes/gut flora etc, collectively known as the microbiome. When this gets out of kilter, many diseases can follow.

My best advice is usually to try things for yourself. Do research and try what makes sense to you :smiley:


You are indeed very lucky!


I just look this topic and I so close to cry like a baby, because I really enjoy it to workout everyday and I broke my arm and I need to recovery before and I focus 100% on my exercise in my arm where my physiotherapist pass to me.

But before I broke my arm, I go to the gym and doing a calisthenic exercise, I enjoy doing some bars, LPO and so on, I alternate days and combine with some cardio as well too.

Some calisthenic movements it’s very hard to execute, and you need to build some muscle memories and adapt these movements to build strengths…


I was quite unsporty for many years, until I started to like running about 3 years ago. When I began I could just do a short distance, always walk, run short thime, then walk again and so on. In autumn last year I reached my goal and took part in (and finished) a half-marathon :slight_smile:

With every sports it’s important to start slowly to not overstrain your body, but it will adjust soon.

Additionally, since I started a new job where we can visit a gym for free, I’m going there 2 times a week, which is a very good addition to running and also helps my bad back a lot.


I’m not eating out or drinking commercially-produced beverages nearly as often as I used to, so I’ve been steadily dropping weight and have had to take in my pants twice already.

I also ride a few miles a day ever morning. If I get stressed out at work, I have a heavy punching bag in the basement, and I’ll usually go a few rounds while doing laundry.

As long as my wife doesn’t get sick, I’ll be fine.


I had a busted arm a few years ago. I maintained a lot of what fitness I had by doing bodyweight squats. It won’t do much for your arms, but at least you can work your legs, glutes, and core.


In the BC days (Before Coronavirus), I had finally started, as of mid-January, going to the gym, 3x/week. Their trainer prescribed a routine that takes me about two hours. I kept track of cardio (elliptical) speed and strength weight, trying to increase a little every time it got to be too easy. Haven’t been doing much, not even going out for walks much, during the lockdown. So, when the gym reopens, I’ll probably have to go backward a few sessions to get to a speed and weight I can finish, and increase again from there. BTW I’m 56, and overweight (though not the full morbidly obese stereoptype).


Is that a typo, you don’t look 56 Dave!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Nope, no typo – and yes, that picture is recent, just February. Blessed with good hair genes. Good thing that comes down the female side; my dad was mostly bald by 19!


I’m expecting images of you up Everest soon at this rate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It wouldn’t look great the other way either :sweat_smile:


I decreased sugar and salt intake and am using 7 minutes workout app (Johnson & Johnson’s version).


How is everyone doing on the health and fitness front?

My own fitness routine has gone down the pan! :sob:

I used to go to the gym (and sauna!) Mon-Fri without fail for about 2 hours per day, however since covid all I’ve managed is a few walks up the mountain and the occasional pull ups on my pull up bar!

I think next year I am going to convert a room into a makeshift gym (squat rack and bench and weights is all I need really) and put a sauna in the garden (I have the perfect sized concrete workshop for it!) As much as I loved going to the gym, I am not going to risk it with covid now, and tbh, it used to take up a lot of time - some days you’d be there 3 hours catching up with people and you often have to plan things like meals just before going/after etc. I can definitely see how serious bodybuildings dedicate their lives to it!

I really wanted to try something different this year as well, MMA or Muay Thai (any tips @mantyjaska?) as there’s an MMA fighter who has a gym not too far away. I can’t see them re-opening with covid around now :frowning_face:

I did get a standing desk tho! Here’s the thread if anyone’s interested in those:

How’s everyone else doing?

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I started jogging when coronavirus restrictions were introduced. It’s a nice way to keep in contact with family and friends while keeping fit. You can go for a run past their house and even stop for a natter, keeping a safe distance. I’d go stir crazy if I was cooped up without any kind of social contact. Running is proven to help with mental clarity and general well-being which is just what is needed in these testing times!


Similar here :roll_eyes:
Somehow I couldn’t get motivation to go running anymore, so I went just rarely. But just yesterday I registered for a half marathon next spring, so I need to take up the training again :smiley:

Also during the lockdown the gym was closed, and even some time after reopening I didn’t visit. Nowadays I went there again 2 times a week at 06:30 when there are just few people. But the cases here are increasing rapidly again, so i might stop going soon again.


Shame you and @Carter don’t live near each other you could be running partners :laughing:

I’ve actually just ordered some new hiking socks as I only have some suitable for the summer atm. One of my neighbours wants to try the hikes up around here as he’s not familiar with them. I’ve never actually been up there in the cold/wet weather (could be a bit dangerous!) but might give it a go this year because I doubt I will be returning to the gym any time soon.

Sugar is the devil! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think the New York Times have a 7 minute workout that has some grounding in science (Ben Greenfield mentions it in his book). How are you getting on? :smiley:

That’s a good way to check up on elderly family members, more people should do that - as long as they’re not tempted to go in for a cuppa :rofl:

Our gym re-opened but with restricted opening times, not health-suite (so no sauna) and you had to book a one hour slot. Too much bother for me! I don’t think I want to go to a sweaty public place right now anyway tbh, a breathing ground for germs at the best of times let alone with covid around. Hopefully I can get a makeshift gym set up here next year.


Enjoy yourself :wink: