Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies: Prefix chapter number in zip file

This is super minor, but I would find it helpful if the folders in the zip file containing sample code had the chapter number at the front. Instead of CreatingScenesWithSpritesAndNodes perhaps 1-CreatingScenesWithSpritesAndNodes or Ch1-CreatingScenesWithSpritesAndNodes. Then the folders would sort in order and the resources/code would be easier to find.

The current chapter name is printed at the top of every other page, so it’s not that hard to figure out what folder the current code/resources are in. But I am finding myself jumping back to the folders for the previous chapter, or the next chapter, now and then and I have to check the table of contents to get the chapter title before I can do so.


Hello, David.

We are unable to include chapter numbers within our folder names. However, there is something you can do:

In Finder, you can turn on the Comments column, and then sort by that column.
Right-click the Name column in Finder, then select the Comments option:


After that, you can add the chapter number to each folder.
Right-click the folder, select Get Info, and enter the chapter number in the Comments box:

You can also use Tags to further help identify each chapter and its companion game. For example, Gloop Drop is set to Green, Val’s Revenge is set to Blue, and Hog is set to Purple. I also set up secondary colors for different parts of the book since Gloop Drop and Val’s Revenge are covered in multiple parts:

Sadly, my Comments and Tags remain local to my system. There may be a way to include these two options when sharing the files, but I’ve yet to find a way to do so.

Hope that helps!