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Title: Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies

I the downloaded resources, I think it would be nice to prefix the directory names with the chapter number. So far, when I go to grab some resources, I find that I have to, first, go look up the name of the chapter I’m on to know which directory to go to.

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Hey, Mike.

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, using chapter numbers (even as a prefix) isn’t something we can do. However, there is something you can try:

Hopefully, that’ll help. Take care!

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Sorry I missed that this had already been brought up.

I guess the suggestion helps, but isn’t this something that would need to be done with each new beta release (and new .zip file to go with it)?

more rhetorical than anything, if you can’t add the chapter numbers, you can’t add the chapter numbers (though, that, in itself seems like an odd limitation… I’m sure having to do with whatever process is used for authoring the books, but, still… odd)

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No need to apologize, Mike. It happens. Besides, sometimes it’s not easy to find a thread that matches the problem when you’re in the middle of trying to work it out.

To clarify why we don’t use chapter numbers in our naming conventions: I believe it’s because sometimes chapters get reorganized while the book is still in development, which causes a sort of domino effect. Imagine having to shuffle around multiple folders and file names if you needed to move Chapter 2 to Chapter 11, or something like that. From personal experience, I can tell you that it’s not much fun. :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:

So, from what I understand, the Finder comments (and I think the tags, too) are tied to the local file system, which means they won’t carry over from my system to yours, but it sounds like you already knew that. It’s unfortunate, and I was hoping Apple would change how that works, but it seems to be by design, at least for now.

In any case, the book is just about ready to go into Production, which means the code files won’t change much from this point on. In a way, you came in at a good time. :slight_smile:

Either way, I do hope you’re enjoying the book. I had a lot of fun writing it.

If you have any more questions, please just let me know. Thanks!