Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir:Source code navigation (source code structure)

It would be very convenient if the source code would be distributed into folders, where the root would contain folders with the ordinal number of the chapter. It would be much more handy to search for the desired project.

│   └───Foundations
│       ├───elixir
│       └───erlang
│   └───WritingProperties
│       ├───elixir
│       └───erlang

Hi @rustkas,

The way our books are produced doesn’t allow the author to organize code by chapter numbers. Tammy Coron @Paradox927 explains it much better than I ever could here: Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies: Prefix chapter number in zip file - #2 by Paradox927

I’ve let Fred know that you have a couple of other comments pending. Thanks for your input!


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Thank you @Margaret for your replay. Your suggestion is very convenient and I use it too.

Well, this is probably the work of the readers, because they are the ones who inspire the authors’ books in the life when they are read over and over again. We, the readers, are looking for ways to understand the ideas of the authors, to apply them to our realities and technical peculiarities.

My suggestion is one of them.