Andrew Huberman Podcasts

This is another great podcast and this episode in particular looks good - Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity:

If you listen to this please let us know what you think and please also feel free to post other podcasts from him that you think are worth watching/listening to :023:

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There’s also another that was posted here:

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@AstonJ - yep agreed - this is an interesting podcast. I haven’t listened to as much as I would like but I will listen to those suggested above.
I first heard of Andrew Huberman from the Rich Roll podcast. I’ve just realised he’s even in the splash photo.

Here’s the interview with Rich Roll:


I’ve seen that interview Finner it’s well worth a watch :023:

Going back to the Optimise Your Workspace video I’ve just started watching it and it’s fascinating!

Some notes:


  • Bright lights when you get up to maximise alertness (sunlight or blue light)
  • Start to dim lights (and yellow or red) after 9 hours for creativity


  • For alertness, place your monitors higher up so that you are looking directly forward or slightly higher
  • Placing them lower will make you sleepy
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Yeah - there’s lots of info in the workspace one and I’m only only half way into it. It prompted me to stack boxes on my desk and try working standing up. I spent about 6 hours today working standing up. I like it enough to continue. If I really like it I will be asking for advice on standing desks - although they are expensive.


We have some good threads about them Finner:


I tried Hubermans advice regarding putting the monitor higher than eye level but I just felt agitated - maybe it raises cortisol or something? Might try it again at some point…


Haven’t watched it yet but looks like another good one. If anyone listens to it does he say anything about video games? Do they count? :lol:

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I was wondering if I have to buy one of these “circadian rhythm restoring lamps” that seem to imitate sunlight and you are supposed to put them somewhere very close to your direct line of sight – many people attach them at the top of their displays (akin to those light strips that people put there for reasons completely unknown; not like modern displays can’t be almost blindingly bright, no?).


I think he mentions you can use cheaper alternatives such as a ring light and just switch the lights to yellow lights in the evening.

I have a ‘wake up lamp’ which unfortunately does not allow you to switch off the sounds so I stopped using it - I don’t want an alarm, just something to mimic sunrise at my preferred time (I might open it up and disconnect the speaker at some point).


Many of you may find these interesting…


Looks like another good one:

(Sauna/cold therapy/exercise)

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One of my favourite things - the sauna! :lol:

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