Standing Desk Treadmills & Bikes

Thought it might be worth having a dedicated thread for standing desk treadmills (for those interested, here’s our general thread on standing desks).

So far I’ve found this one that looks suitable:

It’s the widest I can find (45cm mat) in a flat treadmill (most are 40cm). I did also consider the foldable one, but they can only be used for walking as most only go up to a speed of 3km/h. The one on the video above can go up to 6km/h.

This one seems to be purpose built, but seems so small!

This is a folding one:

Here are some general threads about walking desks:

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I kind of started shilling for Steelcase but they have pretty awesome things, like this one:


or this one:


I am not very interested but my wife instantly was :smiley:


Get one Dimi! You’ve been saying how you want to improve your health and I think a walking desk set-up could be a fantastic way to do that - if it’s actually comfortable enough to work with.

My standing desk has just arrived and I’ll carry on looking for a treadmill, I quite like the functionality of the folding one where it adjusts speed depending on where/how you walk (more pressure on the front increases speed, more on the back decreases it) tho I wonder how practical that might be in use.

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Man, there’s literally physically no space where to put it. I’ll settle for two huge height-adjustable desks and will do my best to spend much more time to stand and not to sit.


What about the treadmill in the second vid? It’s quite compact :smiley:

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Just a thought, are there any people who have experimented with a ‘home trainer’ rather than a threadmill? Maybe a stationary bike-like setup might make it easier to keep typing/mousing than a threadmill?


I don’t think the bike would be as effective purely because it is more taxing on the system (so is more likely to interfere with concentration). However that is exactly what I am going to do when I set my desk up, partly because I am curious but also because I don’t have the treadmill yet.

I would prefer a treadmill because (I think) it will offer the following benefits:

  • Walking at a slow pace is easier/less taxing on your system (so less likely to interfere with concentration)
  • Walking is highly beneficial - particularly for gut motility (so something we should all do, particularly after meals)
  • Walking has proven health benefits (some mentioned in the last video in the first post)
  • Cycling doesn’t appear to have the same affect on gut motility or health overall
  • Cycling is more taxing (so more likely to interfere with concentration)
  • Using an exercise bike will be more of a chore when switching to a chair or kneeling stool (as you’d have to move the bike to lower the desk)
  • You can place a stool on the treadmill so it doesn’t have to be moved
  • If you buy the folding treadmill it’s even easier to move out of the way

Personally I think a walking set up may be the best. Standing itself isn’t great imo. It can cause things like DVT and is generally not comfortable for long periods - some might also argue not a natural thing to do (to stand in a single spot for hours on end). I can literally walk for 6 hours without taking a break, but standing for that length in a single spot would be impossible and uncomfortable for me.

Do I think there are any downsides to a treadmill then?

Not sure if it is just me, but from what I remember, walking on a treadmill feels different to walking generally. Not really sure why but perhaps it’s because when walking normally you can make slight adjustments in speed, whereas on a treadmill it is generally fixed - unless you get one of those treadmills that adjust speed according to your actual walking speed. I would love to try both and see how each feel…

I worked as a security guard in the past, and when I was at the store door for 8 hours in a row I discovered pain in muscles that I was not aware of, but when I was working 10 hours waliking around the store I was ok in the end of the day, despite being more 2 hours of work.

So in my experience It’s so painful to stand up in the same spot for hours, and I think is not good at all for our healthy.

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One thing I have noticed about standing though, is that you are more likely to walk around… because you are already standing :laughing:

When you’re sat in the stool, you have to move your legs from the kneeling position then wheel the stool back to get up. It’s also more energy required as usually you are lower with a kneeing stool - I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s surprising how many times I’ve thought I can’t be bothered to get something and I’d get it later while on the stool.

Using an exercise bike

I’ve just put the bike under the desk and it’s not too bad… so long as you are going at a snails pace! Anything faster and you start to feel concentration suffer - maybe you’d get used to it after time.

A positive I have just discovered about the bike is that you can change your pace and even stop completely without having to touch any controls. You can also raise the seat so that your legs extend to almost as if you were walking, which probably isn’t ideal if you are using the bike for proper cycling, but seems to make sense in this situation.

So far I am liking the bike much better than I thought I might :+1:

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Just a quick update on the bike… I like it!

I like a lot about it, but there’s one thing I really do not like - it gives you a sore bum! I am going to look into getting some sort of padded cushion or seat and see how that goes.

With that out the way, here’s what I like:

  • Environmentally friendly - does not need power
  • You can very easily modulate your speed without having to press any buttons or switches
  • You can just ‘sit’ if you want to
  • If the seat is at the correct height, you can easily stand - and without having to adjust desk height (luckily I can stand on the bottom frame which helps ensure the right height). Alternatively you can stand right behind it.
  • When standing you can ‘lean’ on the seat, so not as bad as straight standing with no support.

So there are several ways to use the bike - sit - stand - cycle - cycle fast - slow - turn up the resistance - etc and I really like that it’s more eco-friendly. I’m also really pleased that because you can go as slow as you like, it’s not taxing on your system so doesn’t interfere with concentration at all.

If the seat issue can be resolved, then I think this is even better than the treadmill, perhaps with the only disadvantage being it may not be as good for gut motility as walking. Definitely worth a try for sure :+1:

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Another quick update, this is how I’m using my set-up right now:

  • I begin the day by using it with my kneeling stool - for about 30 mins or so. Since you can adjust height, I’ve got my stool higher too (though may experiment with the height more)

  • I then go to the second saved setting, where I stand for about another 30 minutes. I say stand, but I find that I’m actually doing something more like dancing/moving about :laughing:

  • I then hit button 4, which takes the desk to the max height, and roll the exercise bike underneath it - then hit button 3 to bring the desk down just above it.

  • I then sit on the bike and alternative between peddling, not peddling, standing above the seat (so some support), standing behind the seat (so lean forwards onto the seat a bit) as sitting for long periods becomes uncomfortable… I’ll have to get a padded seat (tho the seat on the bike isn’t bad) and see how that goes.

I don’t think it’s affected concentration levels at all and I find it’s a lot easier to move around as you’re already standing or near standing.

One side effect is being higher up the room you are quite a bit warmer when it’s hot (which I personally don’t mind and if anything is probably going some good).

Anyone else tried a bike or treadmill with their standing desk? Anyone going to? :upside_down_face:

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Few more options…