ZSA Voyager

I love my programmable, mechanical keyboards. Keyboardio Atreus, ZSA Moonlander and the Planck EZ. By far my favorite is the Moonlander. It has loads of accessories. ZSA support has been amazing! And it’s easy to program using ZSA oryx web app. However, it’s not very portable (at least not practically so).

I new challenger approaches! The ZSA Voyager.

I ordered one about 5 minutes after receiving the email. But I’m curious about the mechanical keyboard lovers out there and the Moonlander and Planck owners or the mechanical curious that feel like a big chunky mech keyboard is a bit much (it was huge adjustment as previously I use Mac style super slim keyboards), does the Voyager pique your interest?

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Looks interesting Law… I wonder how much taller it is than an Apple keyboard?

I also wonder whether they have changed the hue a bit, I really disliked the white of the Planck I ordered, it was too far on the blue spectrum which made it very cold and uninviting. The Apple keyboard seems like it reflects your surroundings more, the colour on mine is much warmer and just feels nicer.

Post pics when you get yours Law!

It is roughly 1/3 taller than the thicker side of the Apple keyboard, here they are next to each other (with some mess in the background :smile: )

Not sure what the kind of white the white is though

Edit: it is obviously a bit taller again if you attach the little tenting feet things.

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