Does anyone have any other skills - such as carpentry?

I love real wood furniture, floors, worktops and have been thinking about learning!

Which got me thinking, anybody have any other skills-based interest? Perhaps you are a mean cook? Artist? Know your way around an engine? Electrics? Etc :smiley:


Uh, I love cooking, I’ve helped build multiple houses in my youth (my father had this obsession with building ever-bigger houses to live and we put in every tiny little nail and screw, dug the basements, etc… last one was over 4000sq feet, for the internals, not garage or so, which was 3 car), really didn’t like being out in the sun or 100+F temps, lol. This included cabinets and all, I’m very good with planning and performing accurate measurements and assembly though.

I have a minor degree in electrical engineering that I’ve never used but used to do a lot of that stuff as a hobby when I was younger.

I love cooking, but hate the cleaning after, so I try to prefer single-pot meals, lol.


You are a man of many talents ODL! I would love to do an environmentally-friendly self-build… maybe one day :nerd_face:

Get a dishwasher? :laughing:


I enjoy “cooking” as well, though my skills in regular household kitchens are rather limited.

My wife really likes my tomato sauce with ground meat (“Bolognese”) for pasta, but she doesn’t know the secret behind it :smiley: I regularly burn the meat and onions :smiley:

Much more than that, I like cooking on the open fire, or even baking “under” the open fire or otherwise dug/improvised ovens.

I haven’t done a good “iron-bread” (sour-dough in an iron kettle, burried in embers(?)) anymore for years, as my land lord doesn’t like the smell of smoke, nor would he like if we were digging holes in the shared garden :smiley:


All those houses we built when I was young were all solar powered as well. Completely off-grid, something my father was big one (he still does occasional youtube video’s about that nowadays but in hawaii now I think…).

Lol, have, but some stuff really sticks really fast and requires scrubbing… ^.^;

My oven is a pretty generic old electric oven that I hope to replace someday. I mostly cook ‘nowadays’ either on the Grill, the sous vide my wife and I built, or the Instant Pot pressure cooker, lol.


I’m with @OvermindDL1 here. I love cooking, but cleaning can sometime take the fun out of it. :shallow_pan_of_food:I, too, have a dishwasher, but pans and pots just don’t go in a dishwasher. The same with knives. :hocho:


Electronics and other “manual, precise tasks” like bracelet handwaving or knitting. However since a long time I didn’t needed them (maybe except soldering keyboards).

Other than that I want to test myself with home brewing as already me and my wife have made wine and home made liquors, so now it is time for ale.


Who here is the type of person who feels the need to do something with their hands? I am… Sometimes. On the odd occasion I do make something I really like out of wood.


Yeah I relate. ^.^;


I can cook.


Same here: growing up, we built our past three homes by ourselves, with a lot of help from friends.

We contracted out the drywall for the most recent house, which was a good move. It saved a lot of time, mess, and sore backs!


I think the bread I make is quite ok :slight_smile:


Looks really good! Is the first one a sourdough?

I’ve stopped eating bread but used to make sourdough bread with a rye starter and half spelt and half wholemeal flour (and have clarified butter and homemade liver pate with it - yum!).


No, until now I’m just using yeast. But I’m using a very small amount of fresh yeast, and then give the dough 24 hours to rise.

But sourdough is definitely something i wanna try someday :slight_smile:


Ooo, yeah that bread is gorgeous! We haven’t really ate bread in years though, and even before it I was never really big on it without a lot of toppings. ^.^;


I would love it if I started to love carpentry and cooking. I am looking forward to settling well in my new job and then I’ll certainly start investing time in both.

I feel I spent way too much time only knowing about computers and I am looking into changing that.


Let me know how you get on! I always loved woodwork class in school and want to get back into it soon too, I may even see if there are any adult courses nearby…


Suddenly I remembered this thread :smiley:
Some weeks ago I changed from yeast to sourdough. Since then I also eat less sweet things like jam or honey on the bread, as other things fit better.

Edit: Here’s the recipe:

I usually don’t use a recipe for my bread as it’s very simple: 300g water, 500g flour, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of sourdough or a small amount of yeast. Bake after 24 hours :wink:

Ok, maybe one day I could write it down a bit more detailed :smiley:

Actually, a while ago I wrote a page for keeping my and my friends recipes:

Feel free to use if you like :wink: It’s “quick and dirty” PHP, still needs a rewrite in elixir/phoenix with all the features I have in mind, but atm its “good enough”.

Wow! That’s nice.

I made this the other day:


I love cooking Indian/Pakistani meals. I could sketch with charcoal and pencil, but haven’t sketched since many years. I was very good at photo editing and worked with a famous bridal and event photographer, during my last year at University. Before programming/web-dev I did some 3d graphics. Alias/Autodesk MaYa was my favorite 3d graphics application, and I also taught it for a while.
I was a Geotechnical Engineer till 2013.