Does anyone have any other skills - such as carpentry?

All these photos and talk about food is making me hungry :rofl:

@Rainer and @ohm - they look awesome! Please share your recipes/methods. You should also try making some homemade liver pate to go with your sourdough bread… I used to love that! :heart_eyes:

You too @DevotionGeo - please share some recipes!

I wonder if we need a recipes thread :thinking:


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It just came to my mind that I didn’t post any bread pictures for a long time :wink:
Lately, I tried to get better at making baguettes:


Well that’s rather pretty, lol.

Mmmm, I’m hungry now… >.>


These look just delicious. I love baguettes especially as they have lost of crust and nice dough texture.


Some more baking :smiley:

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Seeing all these pics of food is making me hungry!^^

Not sure this counts as a skill but I make a mean steak :003:

Christmas time, time to bake some pannetone :yum:

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Looks nice Rainer!

Not as adventurous as you, but I’ve started making Kefir smoothies again :003:

As I’m rather proud of it, here’s my todays baking:

Sourdough puffpastry cinnamon rolls :yum:

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They look amazing, bet lots of people would pay for those! Have you thought about opening a bakery in your front room? Somebody did that here in the UK:

Actually my brother-in-law built a small bakery in his garden :smiley:
But for now I’ll stick to hobby-baking :wink:

Today out of the ofen: Sourdough-Croissants :yum:

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Looks like this Thread is my baking Blog now :stuck_out_tongue:
Started to make rye bread, quite different to handle than wheat, but delicious :yum:

Aaaand sausagerolls:

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What gives them that colour Rainer? I’ve made sourdough with a rye based starter before but didn’t notice any difference in colour.

I am by all means a novice to woodworking. I do have some experience with "rough carpentry " such as home renovation, building deer blinds etc

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