Which keyboard do you have?

I can try to write post about it.


That would be awesome - thank you :blush:

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Right now I’m using a Planck EZ. But as the Moonlander is out now, I might switch to that probably…


I started using a Kinesis Advantage ~18 years ago due to symptoms of RSI. So far, so good!

Also, geekhack.org is worth checking out for even more discussion on custom / modded keyboards.


Are there backlit Kinesis keyboards?


Kinesis makes different styles of keyboards.

So, the answer is yes:

My model, the Advantage, is not backlit out of the box.

However, the Advantage is popular with modders, and people have added back lighting, and so much more.

EDIT: I found some videos of backlighting in action:


I found this list on Github containing links to all kinds of modding projects:

For example, someone added a trackball and ten arcade buttons to their rig:


I use a WASD 104-key mechanical V2 with Cherry MX Brown switches, and a Glorious wrist rest. I love the DIP switches underneath that let you “switch” things up. :joy:



I’m using a Varmilo VA69M with brown switches. I’ve been incredible happy with it since I got it, metal casing and great build quality. I enjoy having it on one of those giant mouse pads to soften sound a bit.


I’m using the Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Browns. Not the most flashy, but a good workhorse of a keyboard for the price. And available in scandi-layout. Contemplated on US layout (more useful when programming), but I need to write fair amounts of other text too, so scandi it was.


Just got my new Moonlander a few days ago. I love it. https://www.zsa.io/moonlander/


I keep changing keyboards. From, last few days I’m using Cherry MX 8100 with brown switches.

It depends on one’s own preferences. But so far I like brown switches more than black switches. I think it requires less force. I used blue switches for only a few hours, so I can’t compare that with black or brown switches.

Next, I’d like to use a keyboard with Cherry Blue switches. I used one in the past, but very soon it refused to register a key, and became practically unusable, after which I gifted it to my cousin to repair it for himself. I’d also like to use an IBM Model M keyboard, which I used a decade and a half ago and liked it a lot.


How many do you have DG? Post pics :nerd_face:

I’ve entered a group buy on a custom mechanical keyboard and will post pics here when it arrives (not until July-ish tho unfortunately - but that’s ok as I want to spend quite a bit of time reading rather than typing next year!) :laughing:

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Currently I have a Cherry MX 8100 (brown switches),

( I removed the End keycap, because I was mistyping it for Delete key).

a Cherry MX 1800, branded as Lauer Fischer (black switches),

a faulty Cherry MX 11900 (black switches),

a Targus KU-2971 (ruber dome),

and a Logitec K120 (ruber dome).

Note: These keyboards aren’t as dusty as they look like in these photos.

Edit: I found two really dusty Wyse KU-8933 (ruber dome) keyboards in the store, which I had used a year or two ago. My friend calls Wyse 8933, the poor man’s mechanical keyboard.


Nice collection there DG!

Must admit I am a fan of the 1800 style layouts (as per the Lauer Fischer) use a numpad just feels so natural to me :smiley:


I like it too, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the US layout. By the way, I like or dislike a keyboard based on how do the keys feel under my fingers. I like the MX 8100 more, even if it’s huge. :slight_smile:

And I typed a custom (meaningful) text at 118 wpm on my Cherry MX 8100. I don’t know if I’d be able to type that fast again or not. :smiley:


Why do you want the US layout for - ISO is better :rofl: better still, get a custom mechanical keyboard and set it up how you like :smiley:

Well done on 118 WPM, that’s awesome!!! :+1:


I’ve used the US layout throughout and I mistype some keys on any other layout, like \ and | keys. I also miss left shift on keyboards with a smaller left shift.


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Hi folks, today I receive my Anne Pro II mechanical keyboard 60% with MX Cherry Silver Linear Switches, it’s so soft and smooth when I use to write I liked it a lot and very silent too.

and the software for this keyboard has options for mac, windows, and linux too, in hist software, I can create new layouts, and not only that I could update the firmware too.


Wow, it’s beautiful!