What would you make as your first game?

This post by @Paradox927 and all the excitement in this thread got me thinking - what kind of game would you make if you got into it?


I would opt for something like Atari’s classic, Asteroids!

Amazing, addictive yet unbelievably simple :nerd_face:

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I love any kind of adventure game but I prefer RPG style though I didn’t play any real video games recently apart quick games such as cards games…

One kind of game I would like to work on is a RPG style where the players would progress by learning a new language. I don’t mean programming language but dialect. I hope that’s the right word and you got the idea. The player will learn the language but also how to read it. For example, he will have to decipher symbols to escape from a crypt … All that with great 3D animations… :smile: To learn the language he will go to a school and progress through lessons…

I’m thinking about Japanese since this is one of my favourite languages.


I have already been in games development. I helped develop Distorpia as part of a course at university.

If I should develop a new game, it would be a Breakout Clone done right or a idle game with pixel graphics.


I am in the process of developing an MMO RPG game based on NFT, set in a fantasy universe where you can play and earn NFT items that can be traded with other players through the marketplace.

I hope I will succeed, it’s a very interesting project though it requires a good investment


As a first game I developed a snake game, named: " Hit it Right" a simple HTML5 Game.


I would make a simple browser game so that you can play online. Maybe it would be in the form of a quiz or some other simple game.


I really haven’t tried or learned game development before, so I am oblivious to how to design and create games. But I will try to build Space Invaders in my first try. :slight_smile:


Brick breaker!


That’s a really nice idea.

Indeed, I played one like that a few years ago when I was starting to learn japanese.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name. However it was more like a “text game”, where it would say "you are in front of a shop, what would you like to do?

  • みる
  • はいる
  • かえる"
    and so on… it was simple but helpfull to learn a few daily actions more naturally.

I’d like to do a game like that too =)

Anyway, many years ago, when I was starting to learn JavaScript, I did a game where the character is falling from the sky and you have to avoid the spaceships xD
I like to imagine it as a “spacial windsuit game” xD

it’s possible to play it here