What are you watching?

Really pleased to see Brendan Fraser being given a chance, looks like it could be the best performance of his life…


"I act as if I don’t care if people dislike me. Deep down…

I secretly enjoy it."


I loved Wednesday and all those quirky bits of humour.


Did you like the book?

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Anyone watching the last of us? I saw the first episode and not really feeling it! It’s nowhere near the same experience as the game, not even close imo.

Lots of ‘favourable’ comments in the YouTube vids but maybe they were generated by ChatGPT!? :lol:

I heard good things about it and would like to watch it, but where do I get the time for? :smiley:
Please keep us updated if it’s getting any better :stuck_out_tongue:

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I watched the first episode again and it was better the second time around. I just wish they choose an actor who actually looked more like Joel (tho the actor who’s playing him is great, he’s just not like the Joel in the games).

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I’m really enjoying TLoU so far and really like that they have (so far) extended the episodes with deeper background and character development rather than long action sequences and fight scenes.

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Has anyone seen the first season of The Peripheral? It’s based on the William Gibson novel (which I have not read).
I highly recommend this series. The script is very well written, great use of the English language.

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Glad you’re enjoying it Hallski! I’me definitely warming to it but I think they completely miscast Pedro as Joel - he’s nothing like him imo, even if they did give him the same haircut :lol:

There have been a few other minor gripes as well - think they could have spent longer with Joel and his daughter (and made the r/ship less ‘pally’). I hated the shakey cam footage it always feels lazy and there have been some odd dialogue as well. But other than that it’s definitely grown on me… if only I could shake Pedro not being anything like Joel! :upside_down_face:

I loved it Finner!! Must watch for all developers/tech people too :023:


The last of us has definitely grown on me - the latest episode (of Eli and her friend in the shopping mall) was brilliant, definitely my favourite episode so far.

I still can’t see Pedro as Joel, but have just accepted the game and the series are two different things and have accepted it as such.

It’ll be interesting to hear what people who have never played the game think of it after watching the series - wonder if they’ll like the series more or the game more :upside_down_face:

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Haven’t played the game (it’s a console exclusive, right?), but The Last of Us is next on my watch-list. Though I am glad The Mandalorian season 3 has started. :slight_smile:

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I think the first one is out on PC now :023:

Episode 8 felt a bit rushed. I reckon they should have made episodes vary from 1 hour to 90 minutes. The first episode could have benefited from being 90 minutes as well.

Looks like some good stuff is coming out soon:

Watched two episodes of Tiny Creatures. It was really disappointing!


Liked neither of them sadly. If only the quality met the budget :frowning:

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I quite liked the first two episodes of Citadel.

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Started watching ElixirConf EU Videos.

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Haven’t seen Citadel yet but I quite liked Ghosted, but then I am huge Chris Evans fan :lol:

I actually ended up cancelling* my AppleTV sub as this year it’s been pretty rubbish! The new Ted Lasso series is good, but everything else seems a little boring, or at least not as good as their original stuff.

I’d probably use this as rating for Apple TV stuff:

1 - rubbish
2 - seems boring
3 - ok
4 - pretty good
5 - brilliant


Silo - 2/3 - kinda boring but still watching it
The last thing he told me - 2 - was boring and glad only 7 episodes
Extrapolations - 2 - boring, lost interest after 2 episodes, might watch it as a filler
Liaison - 1 - didn’t really give it a chance but seems very boring
High Desert - 3 -seems ‘ok’
City on Fire - 4 - probably the most interesting new one this year

I’d give 4 to to:

The big door prize
Hello Tomorrow

The ones I’d give 5 to:

Ted Lasso
Bad Sisters
Black Bird
Slow Horses

Probably a load I haven’t seen!

*I got a 6 months trial with my new mobile contract so got it for another six months : )

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Wow, that is a LOT of TV shows to keep up with. :slight_smile:

Of these I think I’ve only watched one or two episodes of Foundation.

Though lately I simply do not have the time or inclination to watch much of anything - too busy with day job, learning and freelancing as a web developer and family. :slight_smile:

I watched the movie ‘The Covenant’ in cinema recently.