What are you watching?

Is this out yet?

This article reminded me of it:

Looks promising, I love Michelle Yeoh :orange_heart:

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I was thinking the other day that if you compare “All of Us Are Dead” (Korean small city high school zombie outbreak) with “Stranger Things” (US small town high & middle school monster/conspiracy) and pay attention to what is and esp is not said or shown and how the relationships work, maybe you can get a pretty decent though limited and partial cheatsheet to compare US and Korean, and even almost Western vs East Asian cultures.

As for me, I’ve mostly been watching Ukraine stuff…

Oh I saw “The Last Duel.” It seemed to do a good job of considering both those times and our times and implicitly asking us to compare them. I liked the production values. Personally I’m often bugged by all of the electric lights and so on in movies set before electricity, and this did a pretty good job of helping the viewer to get some visceral sense of that world. The locations certainly helped, but I’m a sucker for hanging out in old windy ruins in Europe, castles, abandoned monasteries, broken aqueducts and so on…


I heard good things about this movie, waiting impatiently for it to get to my country!


Just saw it yesterday. Wonderful mix of humor, sci-fi, martial arts, human drama, etc., all very well done. A bit long, but well worth it.


The Orville is back on, and a bit less comedy it seems (still working well tho!)

Westworld is back too! Really looking forward to seeing these!

The Boys is back on Amazon too, but I am holding off watching these as I fancy binge watching them all at once when they’re available :rofl:

Anyone watching anything interesting? :upside_down_face:

Umbrella Academy season 3 came out :wink:

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And now I can’t wait for Season 4! It was quite good!

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Well they just aired the season finale Friday. Time for you to binge and are you in for a treat!

Also just finished Stranger Things, don’t know the second half of the season felt meh to me. I am binging American Horror Story though. Done with Cult, Apocalypse, 1984 and now on Hotel. (I watched the rest except Roanok so that comes next)

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Watch this video :joy:

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I couldn’t get into the first season and ended up just giving up on it… you both think it’s good then? What’s it about again :lol:

I’m going to wait till the summer is over, right now I am trying to get out in the sun as much as I can because it’ll be winter before we know it :scream: :cry:

I wonder how many times that clip has been dubbed now :upside_down_face:

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A dysfunctional team of superheroes, bad parenting, bureaucracy of time travel and 80s music. Oh and end of the world.

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Out of all the dubs, this one’s the best :rofl:
A monad is just a cute flatMap :rofl:
Give me a for loop and I’ll hack that shit together in an hour :rofl:

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whats with the new lotr movie

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I guess it is a new Amazon Prime series? Saw a teaser or two lying around. Never really a fan of LOTR.

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Re-watching The Expanse.


Just watched it and wanted to echo what Dave said - I thought it was brilliant! I think a lot of people will interpret it in a lot of different ways, and I think it’s the only movie that’s made me shed a tear and laugh at the same time :lol:

My only criticism is the stunt double for Michelle Yeoh was a bit too obvious! This is just a nit-pick as she’s 60 now, and she did so well with doing so much of it herself.

It’s on Amazon Prime and well worth a watch! :023:

It never showed up in cinemas here in Bulgaria :frowning: which is weird, we usually get everything. Will watch it online somewhere.

Oh boy, wait until you see Cloud Atlas (2012). Haven’t rewatched it at least for 9 months now. I dare not to, it makes me cry absolutely every time without fail.

(Probably the only thing ever that managed to make me cry roughly on the same level was the final episode of Battlestar Galactica.)

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I don’t think I’ve seen Cloud Atlas! Looks good! (Edit: just checked, it’s on Prime so I’ll have to watch it at some point :))

Loads of films have made me cry, but EEAAO had me almost shedding a tear AND :043: - and I thought to myself, that was new! Don’t think I’ve experienced that before :lol:

Let us know what you think if you watch it!!

Cloud Atlas is very unconventional. If you’re tired of formulaic movies I believe that you’ll enjoy it a lot.

Can’t wait hearing what you think of it! :smiley: I recommend it very strongly; it’s in fact one of my top 5 all-time favorites.

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This looks like it might be good!