What are you watching?

Or looking forward to? :nerd_face:

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I’m currently watching Marvels Agents of SHIELD, series after series has been excellent, and so I’ll be sad when series 7 will be over as it’s the last one they’re doing :cry:

Also just seen the trailer for The Boys 2 - the first was pretty good so looking forward to this! (Note: contains bad language!)

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Currently Watching Netflix Dark. Looking forward to Umbrella Academy Season 2.


“The Boys” season 2 is one of the very, very few things I am actually looking forward to watching.


If you enjoyed Anthony Starr’s performance Dimi, Banshee is worth a watch too:

@mafinar Dark looks scary!

UA looks good!


The guy playing Homelander was absolutely amazing – is that him? Very, very convincing performance, and the guy is pretty charming and attractive as well.


Yeah that’s him - he’s even better in Banshee - there is excellent acting in it from all the cast imo. I want to binge watch it all again one day, haha!

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Banshee was awesome!


I’m currently using my daily commute to watch Better than us, I’ve seen better series, but I have begun it, and its not that bad that I could stop.

Before that I have watched Timeless, which I really enjoyed and have waited for sitting in the train again to watch the next one. I’m searching for the final movie now, but it isn’t available in German Netflix, nor Prime Video as it seems.

Last but not least, every monday I watch each new released episode of the Snowpiercer series, which is different then the movie, and doesn’t give the movie any room to play before or after the series. I still enjoy it.


I’m currently watching Devs on FX/Hulu.


That looks really good Lee!!

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Last thing I watched was The Old Guard, and TBH if I wanted to watch Charlize Theron kicking ass I’d rather watch Atomic Blonde or Mad Max: Fury Road.


So sad this is over :sob:

(Contains spoilers)

I really really really loved the series - every season was brilliant it just got better and better, although it was clear they didn’t get as much funding for the final season and it was a shame that Fitz wasn’t a part of it like he was in previous seasons, because the FitzSimmons dynamic was always amazing. Maybe I am getting old but I’m really going to miss it - all of the actors were brilliant as was the character development, writing, production and direction.

I highly recommend Marvels Agents of Shield if you haven’t seen it - I’m sure I’ll watch the whole series again one day. I know the team won’t see this, but a huge thanks to everyone who worked on or made it possible :orange_heart:

Here 's the original trailer for anyone interested:

Really need to find a streamer who streams it in Germany… I watched the first and second season through Amazon Prime, but the follow ups weren’t available back then, and today not even the first seasons are anymore and I haven’t found it in Netflix either :frowning:

Currently I’m in the second season of 3% and also second season of Z Nation.

And my search-engine foo seems to be really bad, as I never really find some trailers…

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I’m going to list only movies and series I recently watched on Netflix.

I watched Tiny House Nation and Rust Valley Restorers and liked both.

I left Blacklist somewhere at the start of Season 5. But I won’t resume it soon, because it’s so addictive and last time I did nothing else when I was watching it.

Designated Survivor is a nice series with great screenplay and fine actors. I watched the first season, and won’t watch more seasons, because it’s unrealistic. The US government and presidents don’t behave in reality the way he does in this series.

I loved Justice, which is in Arabic. I spent some years in United Arab Emirates so I know Arabic, even though I can’t speak it fluently.

I also liked Black Mirror.

Indian Matchmaking was also an engaging series.

I watched Gangs of Wasseypur Part 1 and Part 2 also on Netflix, which is a two-part crime film in Hindi.

Raat Akeli Hai (the night is alone) starring one of my favorite bollywood actors Nawazuddin, is also on my list. It’s a crime and investigation movie available both in Hindi and English.

Sometimes on Netflix I watch movies I already watched years ago, or my favorite scenes from some movies. :slight_smile:

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The 100

I can’t believe this started over 6 years ago and it completely slipped under my radar!! I have been binge watching it on Amazon Prime (don’t kill me Rainer!) but I’ve really enjoyed it - there’s an A.I element too, so think most of you will like it…

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Just watched Sonic and loved it :see_no_evil:

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And I can’t wait for this:

Rouge One is my favourite Star Wars film by far - hope this series does it justice :smiley:

wow another SW series already. I haven’t even seen The Mandalorian yet :rofl:

My Favourite sci-fi at the moment is The Expanse. It had a slow start but it looks like it might be a cult hit. I will have to get my hands on the books at some point as well.

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