Standing Desks

Ikea Bekant. Working great as always :smiley:


@dimitarvp - maybe this might interest you. I think I saw this on LinkedIn. It’s expensive though.


I think Dimi ended up buying the ones he posted here - he told me a little while ago he’ll post about them when he gets back :smiley: (he’s currently busy on some stuff).


Another update on my standing desk…

Well, it’s stayed in seating position for quite some time now! :joy:

I think the reason for this is because of its adjustable height, it has allowed me to find the most suitable height to go with my kneeling stool - so it’s become very comfortable. Also what I’m finding now since my exercise bike is right next to my desk, is that when I feel like a break I simply go on that and then catch up with messages or work on a post or emails on my phone (I seem to spend a huge amount of time writing emails - think we need a thread about that!).

So, I’m still glad I bought it, and I’m still glad it’s an electric one (I’m lazy!) but for those who may end up using it like me (more of an adjustable height desk) then perhaps a manual one might be worth a look. I also think I may be more inclined to use it as a standing desk, or the bike under it in the summer… but we’ll see!

Also still waiting for your pics @dimitarvp :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I just decided I’ll get one mega-expensive monitor stand from Colebrook-something-something – here – so I can use my gaming display with my Mac without it taking like 30% of the desk space. When it’s hanging on an arm the desk is much cleaner and has much more space for various items.

I’ll also get another dual arm for a laptop and a small external display (USB-based one, 15.6"). I think the setup will become quite good.


That’s a nice monitor arm Dimi! I almost bought one of those for the Mac to sit on as they have a very smooth action.

The one I have for my monitor is this one: I ended up getting it as I thought I might get one of those huge ultra wide monitors or an Apple display at some point (probably not going to tho, thinking more about an OLED TV as a second display instead).

Someone with both those arms in the second vid here: What monitor(s) do you have for programming?

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My standing desk was delivery last week, and I tried to spend most of my day stand up.
My foot killing me and my knee hurts so badly.
But after four days in a row, my fatigue to be stand up reduce increasingly, and I bought a fatigue carpet to help out.

And I like to know with someone doing or bought something to help to be most part of the day stand up.

Answering the questions:

  1. I do my brakes around 50 minutes and get rest per 5 or 10 minutes.
  2. I bought the anne pro 2.

I change between sitting, standing and lying. I also take a short break after every 25 or 30 minutes and once or twice a day during these breaks I exercise for 7 to 9 minutes with the Johnson & Johnson official 7 minutes workout app.


I am using an electronic one and I keep changing my position for every 45mins~ 1 hour.
And yes to remind myself, I am do pomodoro technique


I’m still loving my standing desk, tho rarely use it for standing - I alternate between the exercise bike and the kneeling stool mostly (tho periodically change the height/angle, every few days or so).

What do you use DG? Sometimes I take my laptop to bed and use this:

It’s handy with a MBP because it only needs one cable to be plugged into my monitor (which my usb devices are plugged into) and it charges the laptop too :003:


Does someone use something like a fatigue carpet? Or other things? Can you share with us?


While using my laptop in the bed, I often lie on my stomach, on a couple of soft and one hard pillow. :smiley:
But I don’t stay in that position for very long. I go back to my desk after around 30 minutes.


I never tried to spend most of the day standing, I’m using the desk to change between sitting and standing multiple times a day. Not on a regular schedule, just as soon as something gets uncomfortable.


looks comfy with slight tilt when you back leans abit forward


I used to have a standing desk at my last company in the Czech Republic, but as soon as I moved to Japan, I had to suffer through three years of teeny tiny desks with barely enough space to put my legs under, paired with minuscule space on the desk itself, barely enough to fit a laptop and a small external display. Until recently, I have been living in apartments of such size that would not allow me to set up a standing desk (or any sort of office desk for that matter) either, but finally, since last month’s moving to a new house, I could go back to a quite comfortable setup, as shown below :arrow_heading_down:

Just like many commenters above me, I definitely can’t stand all day long, but I try to dedicate at least one hour a day to work while standing. In fact, let me start my daily hour just now!

(I really wanted to get a white display to match the keyboard, and to eventually replace the mouse with a white one as well, but don’t even get me started on the availability of reasonable ultra-wide displays in this crazy country. Samsung, for example, is completely dead in this country due to the idiotic stunt their marketing department tried a couple of years ago, and other foreign brands are no longer available here, for whatever reason.)


I must have opted for the cheapest solution ever - I bought a 15€ camping table and put it on top of my desk. I am jealous of all those standing desks posted in this thread though.
According to Andrew Huberman’s Optimizing Workspace podcast alternatively standing and sitting throughout the day is most beneficial approach.


Keep an eye on the sales on Amazon Finner - sometimes they drop quite a bit (I bought mine in the sales). Also if you already have a desk you could use the top and just buy the frame, eg:


My “standing desk” adventure continues:
I have replaced my 15€ camping desk, which was a little too high for the keyboard and mouse, with a lower, 12€, foldable breakfast desk. Now I don’t need stacks of books for the keyboard and mouse.
Going to try it out this week.


Yep! I use one and it literally changes how many times a day and how long I use my desk in the stand position.


How much did it cost you in the sales?