Standing Desks

I’ve so been tempted in those! Saw a cool one that had arm things to work out against too a couple years ago.

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Get one ODL!!! :laughing:

I started a thread for them here:

I reckon a walking desk, where you walk at a slow pace with the windows open for fresh air, is probably the closest we’ll get to an ideal solution :smiley:

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Congrats, @AstonJ!

Your frame, console, and “brain” look similar to my desk (I went with a bamboo table top).

I think you’ll really enjoy it.


Thanks @Ted ! I’ve just finished putting it together and I love it already :nerd_face: I decided to keep my existing top as it is the perfect size for me and for this placement (140cm x 75cm). What’s the size of yours?

Thanks also to @dasdom for putting the idea into my head and everyone else who’s been talking about standing desks - as you can probably tell I am easily led :see_no_evil: :rofl:

Ok so I have a question for all of you with standing desks… how high does your desk go (measurement from the floor to the bottom/underside of the top - i.e to determine how much room you have underneath it). Mine goes to 126.5cm to the underside, and 129cm above the top.


Mine will have the same maximum height. When I was trying it in the showroom I found that I’m comfortable typing on a keyboard standing with the desk being at about 112cm or so.


The max height is probably only important if you intend to use a treadmill or bike under it (as those will likely need more room underneath). I’ve just put my bike under mine now and I’ve had to remove the bike controls as they hit the frame underneath (not bothered by not having them tbh).

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Nice; glad you love it!

Mine’s 122cm x 76cm x 2cm.

My max height is 127cm from floor to bottom of desk.

From floor to top-of-desk, I’m sitting at 65cm and standing at 115cm.

I use a Kinesis Advantage2 keyboard, which has a bit of height to it in order to accommodate the key bowls, so with a standard keyboard I imagine those measurements would get a +2cm or so.

But really, perhaps the biggest win for me with a standing desk is the ability to fine tune my sitting height. Standard desks tend to be too high for me, so I end up typing uphill and getting tense shoulders and traps for the effort. :weary:


Thanks for the measurements Ted!

I am finding this too - it’s great having a desk where you can get the height just right! :smiley:


Max hight from floor to bottom of desk is 119cm. This is the hight I put it when I’m standing.


I suspect it’s going to be the same for me. I will absolutely love to work and even play standing upright part of the day but I am pretty sure that the ability to tune my desk just at the right height so my arms don’t get tired is going to be the real investment return here.


Here’s an update on how I’m currently using my standing desk…

I’m finding that since you can adjust the height of the desk I have changed the seat height of my kneeling stool (made it higher) and more in line with the high setting as shown in the middle of this video:

I do that for about an hour or two, then I stand. When I get tired of standing I then roll the exercise bike under the desk use that (and alternative between sitting and standing/leaning on the bike seat). Then towards the end of the day I reverse, go to standing, then finally back to the kneeling stool.

I’m finding that I’m using the stool a lot longer than I was to begin with and I’m also standing longer. I’m not sure whether this is because sitting on a bike seat is not comfortable for long periods (they weren’t designed for people to sit on for a long time!) or whether it just isn’t as good for you and my body wants to switch to standing instead (perhaps because of effect on things like gut motility, pressure on back, etc).

Overall I am very happy that I bought this desk - I wish I had done it sooner! I would also recommend anyone thinking of getting one to get a motorised unit! It’s so much easier setting your preferred heights in the presets and then just pressing the button (I have 1 for sitting/kneeling, 2 for standing, 3 for the bike and 4 for max height - to allow me to put the bike under it).

How is everyone else alternating between sitting/standing etc?


So your kneeling chair is the Dragonn model in the video?


No I have this one:

I generally prefer wood furniture. It seems to be a similar design - though the Dragonn model does seem to have much better padding. I was going to look at getting the one @ohm ordered, but those don’t allow height adjustment…

If you are going to get a motorised desk, I’d start with the Dragonn or one like mine :+1:


I don’t really feel like I need height adjustment in the chair, when I can just pull down my desk instead. :man_shrugging:


You do not adjust the chair to be able to reach the table, but instead you should adjust the chair that you can sit with upper and lower legs having 90° and the feet rest on the ground. Then you adjust the table such that your upper and lower arms are about 90° when resting on the keyboard.

Details could have changed today, as that info is from ~2010 when I had my last medical advice how to properly set up computer work places in my time with the army (while neither chair nor table was adjustable at all without having to partially decomposing them).


Oh, I meant when I sit on my kneeling chair. :sweat_smile:When I sit in my regular chair, I, too, do the 90° legs and arms thing.


The medical advice I got around 2012 was “the best desk position is the next one” meaning that you should change often during a day how you sit/stand/kneel.

I tend to switch 2-3 times a day. Kneeling in the morning and using a regular chair after lunch. Standing sometimes as well, although I feel I don’t have the same level of concentration when standing as sitting.


Oh I like that, lol


It’s to do with the angle at the knees and hips:

If you have longer legs, or a longer upper body the ideal height for you may be different to someone with a different body type.

However, the great thing about your kneeling stool is that it encourages a rocking motion so I would say is definitely better for people who are only intending to sit on their kneeling stool (and not alternate between standing/cycling etc) :smiley:

Did your stool arrive then? What’s it like!?