Programming Phoenix Liveview B2.0 - P27 - lack of answers

In this - and subsequent - “Give it a try” sections, it would be very useful to have the answers, both to confirm whether we got it right and to assist if/when we get stuck

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Great question! For now, we don’t have the answers ready to go. But we’d love to see readers posting their solutions and chatting about challenges here on DevTalk :rocket:

I agree wholeheartedly that it would be really helpful for answers to be available for the “Give it a Try” exercises.

@SophieDeBenedetto, if we wanted to start a collection of answers, where would be the best place to (or tagging mechanism for) doing that on this platform?

@AstonJ if readers wanted to start an Answers page here for Programming Phoenix Liveview what would be the best place and way to do that?

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