Programming Elixir or Elixir in Action?

Reading Programming Elixir 1.6 book, I’ve completed part 1 of the book. Now I’m thinking of reading Elixir in Action. What do you all suggest?


So far, Elixir in Action has been pretty good. It is giving a better foundation in the language. I started going through Designing Elixir Systems with OTP and it is a little more advanced than what I needed initially so I have put it on pause until I get through Elixir in Action.

So far, I’m REALLY liking the language!


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Why don’t you read it all to the end?


I saw a very detailed review on Programming Elixir 1.6 by Pavel Tsurbeleu on Amazon. As per him, the chapters from 1 to 11 are okay but after that not that good. I also noticed this in chapter 13 in which a lot of the code blocks were not explained in detail.

Amazon review by Pavel Tsurbeleu


When I read them the version of Programming Elixir I had was more up-to-date than Elixir in Action, now, EIA is more recent.

However if you can’t (or don’t want to) get both I would suggest reading the preview chapters that you can download for each and just go with whoever’s writing style you prefer :smiley:

Here’s my review of Programming Elixir and here’s my review of Elixir in Action if it’s of any interest :+1:


@AstonJ Thanks for that review. I’ll try to follow your roadmap on reading these books :smiley:


Awesome :smiley:

Perhaps you could document your journey in a #community:journals thread? Others might find it interesting too :blush:


I just realized, “Programming Elixir” is missing from my shelf. I wonder how that happened! I usually buy PragProg Elixir books with no questions asked. It is a really good book and my friends who read it had only good things to say about it.

Elixir in Action is not just one of the best Elixir books out there, but one of the best beginner-to-intermediate programming books, in any language (in my opinion). I had to good fortune of reviewing the second edition of the book and when I read it again after it was published, I still felt enlightened. This is a must read IMO.