Moving from Macbook to Linux

The Year of the Linux Desktop.
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Only just this morning I was having problems connecting my iPhone to my Mac Pro, again! I gave up.
My laptop is a 2015 model and it is still going fine, no physical problems. For the price I paid I expect it to last longer than me !!!
My work laptop is the same model and it experienced the battery bloat issue for that model last year and had to be serviced (free of charge). But for a while now I’ve been thinking the next laptop I buy will be linux based. If possible I’d like to buy it already fully installed, something along the lines of what Dell offers. I have not researched this yet because I hope it will be a few years away yet before I need purchase.
But I wonder if developers continue to be satisfied with their Mac laptops for the price.
Are we going to see a move to the Linux OS? It will be interesting.


I think we may see the opposite now, with Apple introducing their own silicon :nerd_face: (few more threads here: #m1 and #apple-silicon)

The only way Apple can mess this up is if they don’t stay on top of privacy issues :man_facepalming:

Having said that, if you do make the jump, you will be in good company (that’s also a good thread with some Linux laptop recommendations) :smiley:

Personally I think this is a great time to be a Mac user, Big Sur is really nice and the new Apple Silicon is looking very promising :blush:

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very very interesting - I will read those threads then.
I was under the impression that Big Sur was a no no so I’ve been holding off.
thanks @AstonJ


I must have had a momentary lapse of reason while writing that… One of my laptop speakers has been crackling for months now and it has really put me off the idea of a future re-purchase because I spent such a small fortune for it.
So for now the Jury is still out but I am leaning heavily on a Linux OS at the moment.

On the flip side though, you do get a lot of pre-installed software on the Mac OS (software i s more expensive than hardware … right? At least as a developer I like to think that :smile: )

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I think the speakers are easy enough to replace on the 2015 MBP? Not sure if this is of any help:

I think the quality of software is important too, and you generally get good quality software on the Mac :nerd_face:

no joy @AstonJ - I’ve tries that suggested fix before, playing around with the sound effect settings, but it doesn’t fix my problem
I just use external speakers now.
Thanks though !!

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Wold you consider replacing them yourself? :upside_down_face:

negative :smiley:

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