MacBook Pro M1 or MacBook Air M1?

My employer is letting me get a new laptop for developing on.
Should I get the new MacBook Pro M1 or the MacBook Air M1 and why? :man_technologist:t2:


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Air only if portability or its sleek design matters but pro every other time, maxed out on as much cpu and ram you can afford and at lest double what you ‘need’ on the SSD :mechanical_arm:


Pro-you’ll get better specs and better cooling will mean longer periods of sustained workloads without throttling.


That’s what I thought as well. The fan-less Air will just underclock the CPU in order to stay cool, so you’ll only get bursts of topspeed while the Pro with a fan can sustain the heat and thus the right clock speed for longer, which will give you more performance over time.

I have put in an order for a MacBook Pro M1 :smiley:


Nice one Ohm!

The MBP also has a bigger battery and a Touch Bar, in addition to the fans mentioned by @SmithyTT as well :+1:

Interesting that RAM can only be upgraded to 16GB - so this is going to be something to consider for any future Mac Pros or Macs where you could upgrade RAM yourself (like the Mac mini and iMacs)…

Post pics and your thoughts when you get it Ohm! Also let us know how well it powers your LG5K :nerd_face:

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That was a couple of years ago. I think it’s at 16GB now :crazy_face:

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Fixed :relaxed:

This is a good video about them…

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