Moonlander Keyboard Reviews

Have you come across any Moonlander Keyboard reviews or photos of it in the wild? There doesn’t seem to be many around!

Maybe we can compile a list here - if you see any please post them in this thread :nerd_face:

If you fancy writing a review yourself please do! (You can either post it on your blog then post a link here, or post it in our #general-developer-forum:reviews section - don’t forget to add the #keyboards and #moonlander tags too :blush:)

Here are the most popular YouTube videos I’ve seen:

Some pics/reviews from elsewhere on the web:

I’ve actually been wondering what might work best in the centre of a set up with this keyboard have had been thinking of trackball too, here’s the one from the review:

Not sure how practical it would be on my desk as I was planning on putting each side of the keyboard wither side of the foot of my monitor stand (perfect place for it really). May just stick to a trackpad…

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Oooo I just noticed Aaron Patterson has one! Aaron is one of my programming heroes! When I was new to Ruby he went to a great deal of time and effort to help me with with a nokogiri issue - such a nice guy! :orange_heart:

Glad he’s saying it’s thin - that was one of my concerns about using a mechanical keyboard…