HELLO WORLD (Introductions thread!)

Hello, everyone.

My name is João Gris. I work as a solutions engineer for VTEX (a commerce platform). My job consists mainly of providing software development consulting for strategic partners of the company, creating tools to improve developer experience, create content and deliver developer training. Sometimes I help sales people when the sales process becomes too technical.

My main goals as a programmer now are to invest more in personal projects and open-source.

Hope to have great discussions here!



Hi there. 50 year old programmer from the UK, currently in the process of moving to Canada (Whistler in particular). After 20 years as an admin programmer/manager at a minor University, I spread my wings into the hedge fund world, then into a couple of Canadian startups. I’ve programmed in many of the popular languages of the 90s and 2000s, but I now focus exclusively on Elixir, often coupled with Phoenix or Absinthe, increasingly with Commanded and LiveView.

I’m a keen cyclist (road, MTB and downhill), walker and swimmer, also a car nut (Porsche and Tesla are the uneasy bedfellows in my garage).

Looking forward to describing Covid in the past tense.


Hi, Mafinar here from Toronto. Elixir Developer of three years (and loving it). GIS geek. Working at Loblaw Digital. Currently learning Rust. Worked with Python (w/Django), JavaScript (w/React, Vue , Angular etc) and Go in the past. Big fan of Elixir and Clojure.

Love this forum and the nice people out here. Thank you for being here!


Hi everyone,

I am Fabio from Italy, I started programming 26 years ago, moving the first steps with Turbo Pascal and DOS scripts. During these years I studied many other languages, from Assembler to C, C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, … and experienced several frameworks/RAD for work or personal projects (Drupal, Delphi, Sinatra, Ionic,…).
I know about this forum because of @AstonJ post at Metaruby where I was registered and enjoyed the community there.
What I aim to do is learning Dart/Flutter and setup some personal projects in Rails.
My other interests are about woodworking and photography.


Hi @ohm this is my experience with Bullet Journal:
I started at January because I needed to reorganize many aspect of my activities, what I learnt is that every journal is personal but you can take advantage of the several schemes and methods shared.
I mainly used Youtube and the offiicial site and book wrote from Ryder Carroll, there is also a community but I didn’t subscribed it yet. He explains how he used that method to give more weight to the most important things in his life, applying his schemes for handle a more intentional life.
So it’s not just an agenda, but also a planner, a diary, a notebook, a tracker, useful to collect many aspect of your life.
Of course you would enjoy it as much as you go deeper with that method, but you can start with basic things like:
1 future log
2 monthly log
3 weekly/daily log
I would recommend to leave the first 2/3 pages for an index of things about the journal content, but to fill it later. I don’t use an official Bullet Journal notebook but just a cheap A5 spiral notebook with squared sheets, which is more comfortable to me.


Hello World!
I am a Kamran Hossain, from Bangladesh. Working as a Software Engineer with mainly Python and Django. From last year I am learning Functional Programming with Elixir and Erlang. Mainly working with Phoenix Framework to but fault tolerance and real time web application. Searching for new opportunity to work full time with Elixir and Phoenix and obviously with team of some good programmers.


Thanks @fabiomux! I have looked at a few YouTube videos and read of a few of the schemes you mention. I might be starting soon™.


Hi everyone :wave:

My name is Svilen. Originally from Bulgaria, I’ve been living in London, UK, for most of my life.

I started learning HTML around the age of 10, and learning C when I was about 12. I went to a technical boarding school that focuses on microprocessor technologies and systems, and some programming (Motorola Assembly and Borland Delphi at the time). I enjoyed the programming part the most, especially for the web, so I’ve been doing web development ever since.

Currently I work with Elixir as a freelance engineer. Other than Elixir and software development, I’m also interested in startups (I studied Technology Entrepreneurship and have one unsuccessful startup behind my back), Japanese calligraphy (I hold semi-2nd dan), and Traditional Judo.



my name is Dominik. I’m an iOS developer and author from Germany. Before being an iOS developer I was a physicist.


Hi all!

I’m Anna from Austria and I’m still quite new to development, or so it feels (impostor syndrome anyone? :wink:)

I’m currently working mainly with PHP, but with everything going on I’d like to broaden my scope and add some other languages.

Glad I found this place!


I’m a software engineer from Utah. TypeScript during the day, Elixir in my spare time. Once upon a time I worked on video games, ran a mobile app consultancy, shipped some of the first apps on the iOS and Android app stores, and built starship simulators.

I’ve worked at a variety of companies, mostly early- and mid-stage startups. Currently at Lambda School and loving it.

I like getting outdoors on hikes and feel super lucky to get to do the work that I do each day.


Hello, world! :wave:t2: :wave:t2: I’m Billy Jo from Kansas City, MO, USA. I fell in love with computers in the late ‘80s, started batch scripting and building small HTML projects in the mid ‘90s, and I’ve been a software professional since 2001. I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects across many industries, including high-speed document scanning and OCR, healthcare backoffice, and oceanic mapping. I’m currently in the nonprofit sector, and I never want to work in for-profit again.

I’m a passionate advocate for increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM fields. My daily playlist is mostly folk music and country love songs. I love all food, from french fries to escargot. (My favorite cuisine is Northern Indian, and I’ll try anything twice!) I’m an Eagle Scout, and I volunteer in my community regularly. My favorite spot is in my chair with a cat on my lap. :cat2:

Happy to make your acquaintance!


@Anna, I’ve been doing this for twenty years and I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time. You’ll be fine as long as you remember that everybody else fakes it too sometimes.


Hi, all.

At one point I was a product manager, at another I ran a small startup, and at this point I’m mostly a hobbyist programmer, since the bulk of my time is spent taking care of my little boy. Most of my coding these days is in Elixir, having made the transition from Ruby a few years ago.

One day I’d like to launch and run a small software-as-a-service business, but it’s relatively low on the list of priorities these days.

Currently based in Los Angeles, although we’ve moved around a lot and will quite possibly do so again.

Nice to meet everybody!


Hello and welcome to the community @gianthamster! Thanks for joining.


hi, currently working for a Marketing Agency. Really excited to port their existing site to Phoenix!


It seems that I missed this thread when I joined devtalk.com, but it’s never too late :wink:

I am a developer advocate for security in mobile apps and APIs.

I like to reply to security questions on Stackoverflow:

You should read some of them to learn the difference between what vs who is accessing your API server.

Sometimes I write educational blog posts on security for mobile apps and APIs in the blog for the company where I work now, for example this one:

To learn more about my journey as a developer you can visit my site.


Welcome. What kind of SaaS business would you like to build? I find myself starved for ideas lately and I promise not to steal yours (since I don’t have much time on my hands either). :slight_smile:

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Sup, I’m GeeDee! Some of you may have already seen me here, but for those of you who haven’t:

I was born in Romania, but moved to Sweden. Hopefully I get to move to Japan in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider myself a full stack developer, and a UI/UX designer. If you need any design help, feel free to contact me! :flushed:

I’m currently learning Elixir, both for fun and for my messaging platform that’s in the works. Elixir is so fun compared to node and I don’t know why. :sweat_smile:

In my free time, I try to learn Japanese. It’s a really fun and interesting language. There’s just something beautiful about it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m not good at introductions, but this should cover my basic info :joy:


I am Arif Hussain Bangash, a Rails and Phoenix developer from Pakistan. Before being a developer I was a Geotechnical Engineer.