Game of double Chess called Synergy Chess

I invented a game of double Chess called Synergy Chess. I am not a coder. I hired someone to write the program. People can play online for free against human or bot (not an app - only web based game). The game is written in Node.js,, Xitrium, Scala and Java. This makes it very difficult to find people to work on it. After researching Wikipedia, I noticed that Chess dot com was launched 15 years ago and was written in Java, JavaScript and PHP. They have over 100,000,000 registered online players. If they can make this work, then I should be able to as well, even if I have to have the whole game rewritten. I am looking for some solid advice here from real coders please.

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According to this uses VueJS: Are SPAs dying or becoming more popular/beginning to shine? - #3 by SmithyTT and from what I’ve heard VueJS is one of the easier SPAs to learn.

I’m not really sure what the chess market is like, but do people mainly play plain ol chess, or are they interested in variations like the one you mentioned?