Event Driven Architecture / Sourcing resources?

Does anybody have good learning resources with regards to going into Event Driven Design, Architecture or Sourcing?

I got recommended Eric Evans “Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software” and have already watched Martin Fowler’s talk on the subject.

Is there anything more literature I need to delve into before setting off my journey of events?


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I was going recommended the same talk as I remb it was posted here:

This one by Elixir Forum member Ben Smith might also be worth a watch:

He’s also writing a book, tho I’m not sure whether he still is as I’ve not seen him post any updates for a while:


This book is also a good one to have:


Recently I’ve read O’Reilly Building Event-Driven Microservices freely available in my local library via OverDrive.

You’ll learn:

  • How to leverage event-driven architectures to deliver exceptional business value
  • The role of microservices in supporting event-driven designs
  • Architectural patterns to ensure success both within and between teams in your organization
  • Application patterns for developing powerful event-driven microservices
  • Components and tooling required to get your microservice ecosystem off the ground

You could try the free book from Microsoft, Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing.

You might also try Greg Young’s Versioning in an Event Sourced System which is free to read online. Greg coined the terms and was quite a vocal proponent of the pattern/architecture.


Event sourcing shares a foundation with transactions logs and so reading Jay Krep’s The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data’s unifying abstraction might be helpful. You could also watch the “I Heart Logs: Event Data, Stream Processing, and Data Integration” talk and/or read the book (for the cost of your email).


I am reading https://www.cosmicpython.com/ now. It’s pretty well written.


Added it to my queue of videos to watch and take video notes:

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The article posted here looks like it might be worth a read too…