What event sourcing is not about

For many developers, event sourcing is a magical beast that’s used to build extremely complex, often distributed projects. And there’s good reason for that: event sourcing is a pattern that forces code to be built in a way that fits those complex projects exceptionally well.

Words like “modularized”, “distributed”, “scalable” and “versatile” come to mind to describe it; characteristics you can’t do without if you’re building applications at scale. Think about a popular webshop or a bank, handling maybe thousands if not millions of transactions per second. Those are the kinds of projects event sourcing most often is associated with.

And thus, event sourcing is rarely every used in smaller projects, the ones many developers deal with, the ones many of my regular blog readers work on.

I think the reason for this, is because of a fundamental mistake of what we think event sourcing is…

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Are there any open source codebases (probably in C#/.NET) that uses eventsourcing?

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