Do you have any (non-dev) hobbies?

Not sure if following fits exactly this thread, or if we should have a hobby thread…

For many years I’m designing and building model airplanes. Due to lack of time, my last own design was already 10 years ago :scream: Last year while still commuting before the pandemic I started a new design, with the first draft looking like this:

This slowly evolved into this:

And just now into this:

Hope to have it flying in spring :slight_smile:


Oo that looks awesome and yeah we definitely need a hobbies thread!

Edit: I’ve moved these posts into a dedicated thread :nerd_face:

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One of the cheaper iFixit toolkits arrived today (30-ish EUR) and I am planning to learn to fix some small laptop problems! I have two spare Linux laptops and one of them is having a problem with one of its fans. I am planning to finally learn opening it up, partially disassembling it, and then fix and/or add stuff. Even if I break one (or both), first of them costed me 100 EUR four years ago, and the other costed me 150 EUR about 6 months ago – so nothing much would be lost.

I very late in life realized that I have only been doing programming for most of my conscious life (since 12 y/o) and from about a year or so I am trying – tentatively and not very quickly – to find several good candidates for other hobbies. It’s a long process with a lot of confusion involved but I am enjoying every minute of trying to learn other skills.

(I also lately bought a sewing machine. :laughing: Looking forward to “repair” some clothes I only use at home just for the sh1ts and giggles of it.)


Wow! That looks great if you get a chance to fly it later this year let us know :flight_departure::flight_arrival:


My favourite hobbies are… going for walks up the mountain in the summer - the hotter the better! Here’s a video I posted a while ago: (you’ll have to excuse my knee! I was trying to show I was reading an Elixir book :see_no_evil:)

I also used to enjoy going to the gym and the sauna (5 days a week!). Can’t believe I haven’t gone for a whole year. I miss all the friends I made :cry:

Love gaming too, but got a bit bored last gen, hoping to get back into it this gen.

I also enjoy managing community sites - with my end goal being wanting to create a real social network :sunglasses:

Apparently knitting is very relaxing! So perhaps you could start there and knit yourself and your wife a jumper, haha!

Yep, keep us posted Rainer!

I actually used to build/race RC cars when I was younger and won a few trophies. Would love to get a drone at some point…


woah, that’s sick!

My current nondev hobby is learning Japanese. There’s something beautiful about that language and I don’t know why haha


Good luck Dennis! I’ve heard it is pretty difficult to master but I agree about its beauty, I especially love how the language looks :nerd_face:

Keep us posted on how you get on!


Japanese is a beautiful language, and while the basics are pretty simple, it gets very tricky in the detail, and writing is maybe the worst :smiley:
I find it hard to remember the words, as they don’t sound anything familiar to western languages.

I’ve visited Japan many times, as my wife is Japanese. Unfortunately at the moment it’s not possible anymore as the border is closed due to corona :frowning:

Thanks for the positive feedback to my plane, I’ll post an update when it’s ready :slight_smile:
Some more of my planes you can find here:

And here’s a picture of a past hobby, which I gave up after getting a family:


Amazing stuff! Hope you’ll be able to do bike things soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I just thought of something: it’s amazing how we can feel, have hobbies etc. We are all just atoms. What are thoughts, actually?

Existential crisis time :joy:


Climbing! It’s been my passion since 2001. This last year has been the hardest as the local gym was either closed or I couldn’t go in order to keep our bubble small. I wasn’t able to go climbing outside either: lack of partner in my bubble and too much work. I’m hoping to do more than just watch videos on YouTube this year.


My “pandemic hobby”, inspired by a friend sharing out baking yeast, is something else you can do with yeast, usually not baking yeast but you can use that too: making mead! I’ve currently got strong sweet fifths bottled of ginger, lime, blackberry (from the bushes beside our house), and cloved lemon (yes, SCA-inspired), a weakish gallon of cyser (with apple juice, plus a cinnamon stick) in “secondary” (basically, initial aging and making sure fermentation is done), and a gallon of strong dry plain mead fermenting (to be split into fifths for smaller experiments).


Ah nice, that’s another hobby for me too :smiley:
Last ones I made were a saffron-mead with a nice golden color or a christmas mead to drink hot.
Once I started writing a page about that:

Should update this eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

What an awesome airplane model, Rainer! I’ve recently started building wooden airplanes with my 10yo son too, we should have our first one ready this week. I’ll let you know how it goes :smiley:

My main hobby is guitar playing, both electric and acoustic, here are some videos


Good luck with the maiden flight :slight_smile:
(or will it be static display?)


Thanks! It’s supposed to fly. Let’s see how it goes!


I wanna join that mead club as well! :beer: I keep telling my girlfriend that there’s a reason the utility room is called “bryggers” in Danish (“brygge” is “to brew”) :sweat_smile:


I haven’t tried saffron yet, want to wait until my skills are better before I go messing with something that expensive. So far, aside from two kits several years ago:

  • Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead, waaaaay too sweet for my taste, so I added some Mangrove Jack M05, which brought it down to just sweet, and of course more alcoholic.

  • A couple JAOM variants, one with less honey (2.5 lbs instead of 3.5), which turned out much too dry (the yeast went wild), and one using D47, which was still a bit sweeter than I like it. Blended some of the dry with the sweet, and used the rest with orange juice to make “meadmosas”.

  • Tried to make a gallon of Sima but didn’t realize it was supposed to be drunk before it was done fermenting, so it was much too dry. Added more honey, and some cloves, let it keep fermenting, and made cloved-lemon mead out of it.

  • Strong sweet plain (about 4.25 lbs honey, water to a gallon, and EC-1118), split into fifths, one to keep plain and four to do quart-size experiments in Mason jars with non-sweet flavorings: blackberry (from the bushes beside our house), ginger, lime, and cloved-lemon again.

  • Cyser (bread yeast, one pound of honey, and one gallon of unfiltered apple juice), currently in secondary, with a cinnamon stick.

  • Strong dry plain (4 lbs honey, water to a gallon, EC-1118), currently in late primary, to be split into experiments again but with sweet flavorings, including maple syrup, eucalyptus honey I just found a good deal on, and the juice and zest of one orange, not sure what will be #4.

Of course I have plans for many more, and keep getting inspired to add things to that list, by hanging out in the Facebook Mead group (which I highly recommend).

As for putting up web pages about it, looks like you had some similar ideas; I’ve put up a simplified batch planner (since the complete ones are so overwhelming), a blending calculator, and some advice for fixing batches that didn’t quite turn out how you wanted, all under More coming eventually, as I intend to make that an official part of my business, and I have some ideas for more software to help the mead community.


Go for it! It’s easy, and most of the ways you can mess it up are easily fixable. (Just remember to sanitize everything properly; infections of bad bacteria and mold are the main things that can’t be fixed.)


That’s the point where I’m too at the moment, having 15 Liter of plain dry mead and thinking what to do with it :smiley:
I tried with maple syrup once and very liked it :slight_smile:


BTW, y’all, I’m putting together a talk on the history and making of mead, about 40 minutes or so. Remind me in July (that’s when it’s due) to post it and I’ll try to export it to PDF. Might be able to get it recorded, but probably not.