Did you manage to avoid covid19?

Seems like a lot of people caught it - just wondered whether any of you did?

As far as I know I didn’t, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I had and just wasn’t aware of it…


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I managed to avoid COVID, though I know plenty of people who were infected. I signed up for the vaccine about 3 weeks ago, and the auto-response indicated someone would call or email when they had a dose for me.


I know a few people who have had the vaccine and they said the second jab really knocked them for 6. Good luck and let us know how you get on Margaret!

Just out of interest, do you have to pay for it there? (It’s free here in the UK.)


I didn’t get it but I worked from home and was my normal hermit’y self, lol.


So far so good but here in Korea that’s no great feat, indeed we’ve avoided a full lockdown. I do know two people locally whose relatives or friends were infected. I’m eying the BioNTech/Pzifer vaccine though so far only at-risk groups are eligible. Hope everyone is safe!


I managed to avoid it till now. Let’s hope it stays that way.


I feel the same. :slight_smile:

BTW I took a lot of care!
We have a diabetes and an asthma patients at home, so at the peak of the pandemic, we took so much care to protect them. Only one person, I could go to the market, and I had to sanitize my hands after touching anything, sanitize every door knob I touched after returning home, leave shoes outside the main hall, wash everything packed, wash eggs, wash vegetables, wash fruits, boil the milk, keep everything unpacked aside for a week, to be used after that, sanitize the spot where I used to put things brought from the outside before washing, keep the cash brought from the outside in a polytene bag, sanitize the bag, keep aside, use other cash on the next visit to the market, etc. :grin:


I was quarantined for 2 weeks straight before easter…

We always assumed that I will bring it home from public transport, though… Well, my doughter brought it from the Kindergarden. It was a sunday morning when she threw up after getting up and fevered the hole day. We didn’t consider it urgent, as temperature was steady and not really high, but enough to call it a fever.

At the evening Kindergarden called that at least one of the educators(?) has been tested positive with a quicktest and 2 kids as well. They informed us about the Kindergarden is closed for all children for at least the monday.

Monday morning we instantly ordered quicktests and I informed my employer that I will WFH until we know more, calling health authorities to inform them, etc…

Tests showed my daughter positiv, rest of family negative. Still, as she searched close contact to me during the sunday, I “moved” with her into the childrens room. She didn’t have any symptoms anymore on that monday.

Tuesday healthauthorities finally officially announced quarantine for the family. They also put an order to test my daughter and sent a team which arrived on Tuesday.

That test has been positiv again and tests for family have been ordered by authorities, also quarantine was announced to hold until at least saturday before easter.

As there wasn’t any further symptoms my daughter and me took part of regular household activities from the weekend.

Test for family has been taken on the followig monday. All of them negative.

The written order of quarantine arrived the saturday when it also expired, at least for my wife and me. The one for my daughter arrived last saturday and my son still has not received one, and he is the only one who actually needs one for school after the easter break.

As we haven’t even been allowed to go into the garden (it is a shared one) we really had tough 2 weeks.

Luckily we have been allowed to go back into the garden on the easter sunday and we used every minute of sun we got :smiley:


I am no social butterfly but I have definitely become a hermit over the last year thanks to covid! I used to go to the gym and sauna Mon-Fri without fail!

Like many of you here though, I speak to a lot of people online through places like this so get my social fix that way :smiley:

From what I heard South Korea handled it better than most other countries, with fatalities being very low. The opposite to here - the UK I think has the worst death rates in Europe!

I hope you continue to stay safe Mafinar :blush:

The funny thing is I haven’t changed my public hygiene process much if at all - here’s some of the things I’ve done for years:

  • Wrap paper-towel around the handles of trollies when going shopping (or use their plastic bags if they are out of paper towel)
  • Use quick-check, meaning I put everything directly into my bags after scanning it on a unit I take around the shop with me (this means my food items are not being touched by cashiers… who handle things touched by hundreds of other customers through the day)
  • When I come home I blow my nose, brush my teeth and have a bath/shower and change clothes (I have indoor/home clothes and never wear clothes at home that I have worn outdoors (unless I have just gone for a walk up the mountain))
  • If anyone comes around I put blankets over my sofas (or bed) so if they sit on them I can just wash the blankets.
  • If I need to ‘sterilise’ something (things that get delivered from Amazon etc) I used white vinegar.
  • I don’t use cash. Cash is extremely dirty! (Even things like other peoples phones - in one study 90% of phones had traces of :poop: on them :nauseated_face:)

The above just seems sensible to me and it has become second nature - people harbour all sorts of bugs and parasites :rofl: many of which are very common, over 50% of the population have at least one of the following; H Pylori, Blastocystis, HSV and HPV etc.

I used to get a cold/flu every year and when I started doing the above catching one has become very rare.

There is an argument that you need to be exposed to germs to build immunity, but I’d much rather just get this exposure from touching things in nature, plants, sitting on the ground/earth, even just by walking in areas where sheep/cows are.

I hope you are all fully recovered now Norbert! Re the above, it’s so sweet that she sought comfort with her daddy :blush:

Btw I’m not sure if it’s of any interest, but women actually have stronger immune systems than men and it is believed this is due to their ability to produce milk (which contains powerful immune factors such as Immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozyme). I’d be interested in studies on which parent children have sought comfort with when poorly (and if so whether this has been a factor).


Perhaps I was just lucky? Perhaps there was something saying here, she wouldn’t harm me? Perhaps it was the smell of my blood?

There are studies, trustworthy or not, that say that blood type 0 had a better “base immunity” against Covid… I’m not sure how true that is, nor would I actually care, though if this is true, I believe in some kind of instinct (pheromons and other chemicals) and that something within her simply knew that she wouldn’t harm me (badly).

Though I am not sure about the “wife and milk” thing… At home if my wife catches soething she carries it arround for days or weeks, though mildly. Ill enough to not want to do anything, but not ill enough that a doctor would believe you… More feeling ill than having actual high temperature or other measurable symptoms… I instead get up in the morning, throw up, crouch back to bed, sleep a day, and then am back again.

Writing this… I think my daughter comes after me that way… To be honest, this is nothing I’d wish even my biggest enemy… That one day is hard…


There ‘was’ but a large study testing that just came out a few days ago that refuted it.


This is actually a great point - humans and our closest relatives have evolved over a few million years and I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume that our instincts have too. Sometimes I think we intrinsically know or feel what may be best. I have learned to trust my gut over the years and I think doing so is a great idea if you generally lead a clean/holistic life (i.e one where there are less things to interfere with your natural state - such as artificial chemical nonsense in foods and environmental toxins).

This is actually something I have thought about in the past. I think that in a ‘natural’ ‘healthy’ state, women being stronger than us is more than likely true, in that they can fight off infections like these much easier due to the immune factors I mentioned. But in an unnatural unhealthy state that may well not be the case at all (and hence illnesses may linger as you describe). This could change the status from being a source of possible immunity, to a source of possible spread/infection - because they may become silent carriers, i.e asymptomatic.

This is one of the reasons the ‘food’ industry and ‘big pharma’ angers me so much - they have a lot to answer for. All they care about is profit and wilfully ignore the effects of their produce and products :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Really hoping to get vaccinated soon… :frowning:


Looks like you were well prepared for the pandemic. :slight_smile:


Our neighbor across the street died a few weeks ago. He got covid19, but, after he was over it, he got pneumonia , plus he had heart issues. :frowning:


So sad hearing what’s happening in India at the moment - in this interview (right at the end) the virologist being interviewed said in the past week alone, 10 people who he knew quite closely have died, and that he’s never seen anything like this in his life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDiCj39rVh4

Our pubs and other outdoor venues reopened today and I think it is utterly insane, last time we saw a surge of cases afterwards and people aren’t really observing social distancing in these venues. It’s a bit ridiculous to think that it would even be possible - once you mix alcohol and highly social venues/communities - particularly after people not having seen each other for a while then I would say it’s very unlikely people will be able to stick to the rules 100%.

I also learned on the weekend that my neighbour (who is a fit/healthy 30 year old sergeant in the army) thinks he is suffering with long covid - his whole family (wife and two kids) had it back in February and he said he hasn’t felt right since (in particular his energy levels seem to have been severely effected).

What’s the situation like where you are at present? I hope you’re all keeping safe.


having OCD to cleanliness saved me I guess. + WFH


It’s really sad what is happening in India now. :frowning:


Just got my first vaccine today. Hopefully the next one will help avoiding it further. But my, the headache!