CharaChorder - type at the speed of thought?

Saw this on TikTok of all places! :lol:

Anyone heard of them before?



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It doesn’t actually seem like it’s less keystrokes? Just doing multiple presses at the same time, which means that your fingers can’t already be pre-positioning for the next character it wants to type? It also seems like it would require IME to work, so it just wouldn’t work in a lot of cases (seems horrifying for programming). If anything it just seems like it’s an autotext, like on phones, and we know how well those work on anything but simple text, lol.


Yeah on looking at it more, it seems to be some sort of predictive text based keyboard:

CharaChorder is a new class of peripheral device which allows ordinary people to type faster than is physically possible on any keyboard.

Instead of the 1 dimensional buttons that keyboards use, CharaChorder switches detect motion in 3 dimensions so users have access to over 300 unique inputs without their fingers breaking contact with the device. What is far more powerful however, is that users can type entire words in a single motion by pressing all the letters of a word simultaneously. CharaChorder’s internal processor arranges the letters on-screen in real time faster than the human eye can perceive.

CharaChorder allows users to type individual characters like a keyboard or press all the letters in a word simultaneously and the internal processor will automatically arrange them on your screen in real time. This allows ordinary people to type faster than is physically possible on any keyboard.

The difference could be that it only uses characters you type/touch, which could make it more accurate? : /


No, it’s a mostly full keyboard. There are single keys (each finger has 5 directions) for whole alphabet, alt, control, arrows, everything. There are a few that require multiple keys at once, but you can sequential type like a funky mapped keyboard. But, you don’t have to sequential type, which is the whole point and where the speed comes in. For example, to type “the” you just press t+e simultaneously, then release. None of it is predictive, it’s all deterministic, with some pre-defined, but customizable, “chord” lists (the keys you mash to make the word). You do have to memorize these, but most are pretty natural, and since you always type sequentially, you can work them at whatever pace.

I just received mine, and it’s pretty neat. My day job is coding, and I don’t see why it would be a problem, so far.


Thanks for chiming in @Brandon :023:

Please let us know how you get on, perhaps you could post a review or photos or vids or something? :blush:

Might also be worth posting here: Which keyboard do you have? :003:

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