Apple Silicon Macs Thread

New Macs look good! Tho I hate the notch - why does it have to be so big?

Will be interested in seeing reviews of real world usage and while it looks great I won’t be upgrading any time soon - in a few years time when it’s 128GB ram and twice as many cores it should be pretty incredible tho! :lol:

What did you all think?


It was pretty much an instant buy for me. Depending on what they came up with I was either going to buy my other half one of the lower end models or buy myself one of the higher end models and give her my fairly high end 16 (which I have no reasonable excuse to replace). 32+ RAM, that display and MagSafe would have sealed the deal with most of the other speculations being things I’d appreciate but not deal breakers. They seemed to hit the full list… every year that everyone is like “they are going to have ports” I laugh but no this time they do :joy:

I’d certainly like it more without a notch but it is in dead space so I’m not that bothered. I’d probably rather have the notch than less screen or bigger case which is realistically the alternatives. I guess we will see if a few weeks.


Nice one Toby! What specs are you going for?

If my MBP was older I would have been tempted, but (thankfully) Apple have been ironing out some of the issues I was having and so it’s feeling a lot snappier and more like it did when it was new - so I can’t see any major benefits for me right now (it’s a 16" with 64GB ram, 2TB ssd and upgraded GPU - so it should hopefully last me at least another couple of years - by which time I think Apple silicon could be even more insane! :lol:)

I will look forward to seeing yours and the options you go for! :003:


Additionally it seems that when apps are in full screen mode they just black out the whole menu bar, so that it appears full screen without a notch. Since they increased the screen size it may not be noticeable.

When I saw the notch i thought they putting Face ID on the laptop. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t.


I ended up going with the baseline 16” M1 max configuration, which has 32 GB RAM and 1TB SSD. It should be plenty enough for me for a while really. I’m excited to see what it is like and also excited to see what they are going to put into the desktops next!

I thought exactly the same. It would have been nice to get a little more out of that compromise. While it would never have been a thing I’d probably rather have either Face ID or no notch, chances I’ll end up using the webcam is close to none.


It doesn’t look too bad I suppose but I would be putting a cam jammer on it for sure. I am not a fan of Face ID on my phone or iPad either - imagine how many times they’ve been hacked? :lol:

Nice, will be interested in hearing what you think of it! Please post pics too, it’s always nice to see photos! :lol:


Is the 16 GB M1 Mac Mini sluggish?


Slugish! Definitely. With Docker and Xcode it’s almost full in RAM.
Fortunately it’s my job’s computer but, tho, it’s kind of a desillusion. Hope these are better.


I spent 10 minutes too long deciding which config I wanted so it is going to be 3-4 weeks. Probably have some pretty solid reviews by that point


I was thinking about getting a Mac so I can build iOS apps. I guess I’ll look for 32 GB minimum.


I just read some related comments about Docker on a Mac Mini:

I just can’t figure out what I’m missing on the “M1 is so fast” side of things. For years I worked* on an Ubuntu desktop machine I built myself. Early this year I switched to a brand new M1 mini and this this is slower and less reliable than the thing I built myself that runs Ubuntu. My Ubuntu machine had a few little issues every no and then. My Mini has weird bugs all the time. e.g. Green Screen Crashes when I have a thumbdrive plugged in. Won’t wake from sleep. Loses bluetooth randomly. Not at all what I’d expect from something built by the company with unlimited funds. I would expect those issues from the Ubuntu box, but the problems were small on that thing.

*Work… Docker, Ansible, Rails apps, nothing that requires amazing super power. Everything just runs slower.

Someone’s reply:

That’s Docker for Mac versus native Docker. Docker only runs on Linux, so Docker for Mac spins up a linux VM to run your containers. When you mount your Ruby or Python projects into your containers, Docker for Mac marshals tons of filesystem events over the host/guest boundary which absolutely devastates your CPU.

Docker for Mac is really just bad for your use case.

Another comment:

Docker on macOS is painfully slow, because it is implemented on macOS through what amounts to a sledgehammer to the problem. Docker depends on linux kernel features so on macOS it just starts a linux virtual machine and does other high overhead compatibility tricks to get it to work. Volumes are the biggest culprit.

If you are running docker through rosetta… (don’t know the state of docker on apple silicon) then that is a double whammy of compatibility layers.

Regarding bugs, yeah probably teething issues because the M1 was/is such a large departure from the norm. They should really get those things fixed pronto.


Never used a mac in my life and the m1/max/pro got me really curious.
Apple prices on my country are a complete joke so for now i’ll keep working on linux :upside_down_face:


Initial reviews/thoughts coming in:

I haven’t watched all these just skipped through a few. It does look nice, tho I will personally wait a few years before I make the jump :lol:

Will look forward to hearing what you think when you get yours @Maartz @mindriot @Josh :003:


I watched most of the videos, and it looks good. As long as there aren’t a lot of horror stories in the next month or two, I’m going to get one. :slight_smile:


Keep us posted Josh!

I think you’ll like the mini-led screen, I love it on this iPad :smiley:


Is that the 12.9? Those screens are amazing.


It is Josh, I only ordered it because I just wanted to see what it was like, but it’s worth the extra imo - not just because it’s a better screen (better blacks, hdr, brighter) but because it is bigger!

I think the bigger screen makes it more of a device you want to use, whereas the 11” makes you just want to consume. It reminds me a lot about my 11” mba which I loved :orange_heart:


One of my devops colleague switch back to Linux because of the nightmare of Docker on Mac.
For me atm I use Docker because only 1 library doesn’t run on M1 despite Rosetta, ExCal.

Plus, the Docker VM and stuff takes a ton of space on macOS. I really hope something will push Docker away. With their problem making money and their new pricing, I guess it’s a question of time.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a M1 Max 32Go in 16 inches :smiley:


Nice! Do you have a delivery date? @mindriot’s is about 3 weeks away I think.

When you get them please post pics :003:

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Yeah somewhere between the 9th and 16th… it is a little bit of a painful wait.