Apple Silicon Macs Thread

I really like the Macbook Air. I got it last year and I’m still very happy with it. It doesn’t heat. very good for using on my lap, it doesn’t have a fan making it very quiet and the keyboard is good. Whenever I buy a new one in the future it will be a new Macbook air. I guess I will be able to keep it for a long time.


So I got mine like 2 days ago.
My wife just gave birth to my 4th child the same day as the delivery… is it a sign?
Jokes aside, the machine is very different from the previous ones. The shape and feel are very good.

About the perf, the fast charge is a true game changer! I mean you’re 30min away from one-day battery life.

Docker finally got enough space lmao. This stuff is a machine killer.

I did some server-side Swift with XCode, the build of a little iPad game. The machine is still cold and quiet. My 2019 16inch was already making as much noise as a jumbo jet.


Ah congrats Maartz!! :baby: :confetti_ball:

If it’s a boy will you name him Mac and if it’s a girl maybe eMma? :lol:

You’ll have to post pics - of the baby as well as the Mac :044:

A little birds tells me @foxtrottwist ended up buying one as well, so I look forward to hearing what you all think of them once you’ve have them a little while…


Thanks :grin:

It’s indeed a boy but my wife was not keen to name him let mut baby: Baby, I don’t know why :man_shrugging:

His name’s Joshua!

To compare the M1 Mac Mini and this MBP, it’s a huge leap. Can’t wait to see what they’re going to do for the Mac Pros and iMacs.


Your Mac looks great Maartz! (Where’s everyone else’s pics? :lol:)

Joshua is a lovely name too :baby:

Well I am glad I didn’t buy a Mac Pro when I got my MBP, the new Apple Silicon MPs look like they are going to be insane!

The closest thing to a genuine personal super computer?


Mine only arrived Friday afternoon and I was busy Friday evening so only really had a bit of a chance to set things up yesterday and see what it is like. So far so good.

In terms of aesthetics there is something about it that is nicer than I expected from the photos, it reminds me quite a lot of the Powerbook G4 Titanium I had a long time ago but modernised a bit. Also the keyboard to me is a lot nicer than the one on my 16" MBP (which I already thought was a good keyboard even if it wasn’t quite the one in the 2015 models).

I never noticed in other photos that it has quite large vents along each side, when I was lifting it out the box it felt like it had a disc drive :laughing: I’m so used to all the (useful) vents being at the back under the screen (which does still have the usual vents in addition to these slots on each side, it is more the ones previously on the bottom come out the side)


Looks good Toby! Tho agree the vent does look big - I’m surprised none of the YouTubers mentioned it (I don’t recall them doing so anyway). Maybe we should start a Devtalk YouTube channel :lol:

What are those apps you have open behind the browser btw?


It is quite a thin slot (similar to a disk drive but lower down) so it isn’t absolutely massive looking but it feels quite large as you run your hand along the edge. I’m also surprised no one really mentioned it that I seen, people say there is better airflow but then don’t really mention exactly how that is. If I look at them they look smaller than the ones on the bottom of my older one but because they are going sideways they are less obstructed. They mainly stood out because the old ones are not really where you would feel them when finding a port or something.

It is iTerm 2 and JetBrains CLion so nothing particularly interesting really.


I am using M1 air now.
it is good that the temperature is keeping low in most cases.


I’ve had my MacBook for a couple weeks now. I’ve been busy with work and I decided to set it up from scratch so it’s taken a bit to get things up going. Here are my specs:

14-inch display
Apple M1 Pro with 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU

I’m coming from a 2016 15-inch. I forget what CPU it had, but it had 16 GB RAM, Radeon GPU and 512 SSD. I love the MacBook! I’m very pleased with my choice of display as I often found the 15-inch unwieldily. It’s so speedy, quiet and cool! I never had issues with the keyboard on the 15-inch but it certainly wasn’t the most comfortable. I love this new keyboard and as much as I wouldn’t mind having a Touch Bar (though I wish Apple had actually supported and improved it) I do greatly appreciate the full size function keys.


Just got my M1 MacBook Pro for work. I haven’t had much time to get it setup but I will report back!