Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies:

I am having a problem adding the Health Meter for the player in valsrevenge. I’m using Xcode 12. As instructed. I am using the Component Inspector to add the HealthComponent. Instructions say there should only be one selection available–“HealthComponent”-- but I get multiple (GKAgent, GkAgent2d,…). HealthComponent is available which I do select. When I build and run I am not seeing the health meter above her head. Is this an Xcode 12 vs. 11 issue? What is work around? My component once added is listed as “valsrevenge.HealthComponent” which doesn’t quite match the example in book.

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Problem solved. Operator error. HealthMeter.sks not copied.


Hey, Oscar.

I’m glad to see that you got the issue resolved, and I hope you’re enjoying the book.

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for your reply. Wonderful book thus far. Well done. Kudos for putting it together with such great care. It shows. Very excited to finish.

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