Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies: Show the Game Center Dashboard failing

Title: Name of book: Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies: Show the Game Center Dashboard failing (page 383…)

At the risk of embarrassing myself again (not that I should not be accustomed to it by now).

(As far as I can tell after reviewing all the instructions against my code changes several times) I’ve made all the changes to display the dashboard, leaderboard, and achievements, but when I click on the “Game Center” button. Nothing happens. The console log displays the following log lines:

2021-01-25 10:26:38.134412-0500 hog[41162:2431231] [Error] We failed to present Game Center dashboard extension.
2021-01-25 10:26:39.178478-0500 hog[41162:2431934] [AXRuntimeCommon] Unknown client: hog

By any chance, is this something obvious to someone with more experience hooking this up?

I’ve grepped around a bit and notice that the app is set up as, but all instructions are setting up bundle identifiers and everything on the developer site as hogdice. I don’t see anything obvious about why these would have to match, so probably looking in the wrong area.

Gonna go do a workout and come back to it… (at which point, I’ll promptly re-read, see where I missed a paragraph of instructions, and post a mea culpa reply again)

TL;DR — follow ALL of the instructions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And… sure enough… page 372 (" 6.Sign out of your Apple ID on all testing devices and sign back in with your new sandbox tester account.")

Was the minor detail I missed… I had signed into Game Center in the app, but didn’t do it on the simulator main iCloud account.

Now If I can just figure out what the ^%$^&%$ thing is on a yellow background :roll_eyes:

(actually, that looks like a simulator bug… looks fine on the iPhone simulator) (apparently a known bug on Big Sur on iMac)

Interestingly… those two log messages still show up in the log. (even though it is presenting the Game Center Dashboard)