Zig gamedev project – left my job to build games in Zig lang

This repository contains a collection of sample applications and libraries written in Zig programming language and using DirectX 12 API. Some features:

  • Zero dependency except Zig compiler (fully standalone; no Visual Studio, no Windows SDK needed)
  • Building is as easy as running zig build (see: Building)
  • Helper libraries for working with DirectX 12 and real-time graphics (see: graphics, vectormath)
  • Interop with Direct2D and DirectWrite for high-quality vector graphics and text rendering
  • Support for GPU profiling with PIX (markers and events API, see: pix)
  • Support for CPU profiling with Tracy (zones API, see: tracy)
  • Uses some great C/C++ libraries which are seamlessly built by zig cc compiler (see: external/src)

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Far as I can tell, they missed a golden opportunity. There needs to be a β€œlaunch” command, which would reply β€œFor great justice!”