Will we see a disruption in digital services because of Covid-19?

Inspired by @swelham’s post:


Are we likely to see a disruption in digital services like we have in other sectors?

Wonder what contingencies service providers have in place and whether they have already considered what to do in these kinds of possible scenarios…


Everything depends on how long Covid-19 would stay with us. China is already almost done with it, so I do not expect much more new troubles coming from it. Of course we still would have a problem with delivery delays from China fabrics, but this would look better and better really soon.

However I expect expanding of Gaming industry a lot. In Japan for some time there is lack of Nintendo Switch (except Lite version). Not only consoles, but also online gaming services should be happy. I expect lots of new job offers around Gaming-related topics.

Time would show if game servers would not be much overloaded. This could be combined with problems of hardware production, but it should not affect us so really much at least in longer term.


I doubt anyone had contingencies. Even if you work with Kubernetes or any auto-scaling clouds like AWS the matter of increasing the upper bound of servers is still a cost matter and has to be vetted by the business.

Steam already reported a record amount of concurrently online users btw.