Why your website should be under 14kb in size

What is surprising is that a 14kB page can load much faster than a 15kBpage — maybe 612ms faster — while the difference between a 15kB and a 16kB page is trivial.

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Important line from the article:

That 14kB includes compression — so it could actually be more like ~50kB of uncompressed data

That makes it roughly agree with the advice I remember from the mid-90’s, that your site should be under 40k. (Not reaching that tipping-point was much more important, back when we were almost all on dialup, usually 2400 bps!)


Wonder if anyone has found what the average is for some of the most trafficked sites, like bbc.co.uk, YouTube, twitter etc?

The idea is good and the topic is quite interesting.
It is a bit hard to do so though.

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