Why You Should Never Use MongoDB (2013)

Why You Should Never Use MongoDB.
Disclaimer: I do not build database engines. I build web applications. I run 4-6 different projects every year, so I build a lot of web applications. I see apps with different requirements and diff…

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I actually remember this post and it was a huge reason why I never MongoDB a proper look - was anyone else swayed by it? Did anyone try MongoDB?

People go into MongoDB expecting the same guarantees for data integrity as PostgreSQL provides. Of course they get disappointed. Mongo has improved with years, I heard, but I’d still not pick it. Plus, PostgreSQL allows you to have columns with unstructured data. Which means you can still reap all of PostgreSQL’s benefits while occasionally using document store where it makes sense.

I worked twice with MongoDB around that time and hated it with passion – it was easy to lose data with it back then. Nowadays PostgreSQL can do everything MongoDB can, and much more.


Is CouchDB or Couchbase a better option to MongoDB?

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Or CosmosDB?

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Or FoundationDB. It’s used by Apple and several other big players.

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