Why we should review broken products instead of new ones

For most people, the majority of positive reviews are noise on any product and they evaluate them by reading negative reviews.

For once, let’s turn it all upside down:

We should build a collection about how things break - review broken and worn-out products to teach how to identify cheap products (where are the stress points, what manufacturing techniques exist to alleviate those). Then compare those with used products well past their warranty period that hasn’t broken, and look at why they haven’t.

Repairability also comes to mind. Everything breaks eventually because we can’t cheat entropy, but when it does, can you easily repair it?

Use our submission form for all your broken or thrown away products. If you select “Broken” as a condition, questions about the repairability and where the stress points were will show up.

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I think this is a great idea - particularly with more and more companies purposely building obsolescence into their products.

I’m fairly sure the EU were making it law that products must be more environmentally friendly in terms of being repairable, but I might have dreamt that :thinking: anyone know whether that was the case or not?

That would be amazing if it gains traction. It’s high time for the companies to be called out.

However, if not one of them tries to capitalize on customer unhappiness and tries to offer something more durable, then nothing would come out of it. :frowning: